D'you want to touch me?
D'you want to know?
D'you want to see?
D'you you want to show?

Can I give over, will you give in,
I'm fractured hands, you're broken down,
Is this touching possible again?
Hurt is touches and white sound.

Every touch breaks your skin,
Each scream hails me,
No other hand will do again,
I stand alone, see?

I fall back to no one but you,
You turn away and run,
It's just something you do,
You're just coming undone.

If touches are fire,
If kisses are killers,
If love's a lair,
I'm just a filler.

If I give over can you give in?
White sound fractured in screams,
Painted lashes descend,
And wash away my dreams.

There is no cure for cracks,
No pill for fixing my touch,
I can't fix forever what we lack,
I don't have that much,