Wittle Fluffy Bunny was hopping in the Sunshine Field when he saw a sheep grazing peacefully. He walked up and looked at the fluffy white wool of the lamb in front of him. Fluffy Bunny decided that he wanted that fur, so he stabbed the lamb about 40 zillion times, and wore a white and red coat for the rest of the day.

Soon he went into town, still wearing his coat, and the dog catcher approached him, thinking he was some weird breed of dog. Fluffy Bunny decided that he didn't like Mr. Dog Catcher very much, so then he wore a man coat instead, but after a while it became hot and too heavy for him to carry.

That night he went to a cheap hotel and terrorized all of the cheating businessmen and women, and took their money and had a good time with the women, (as he was good with the ladies). Then he decided that he could use some good reefer and went down town to the hood yo and took several tokes of the good stuff. Fo shizzle! Thats some crunk shit!

The next morning he went into Enzite City, and met a man named Smiling Bob. For some reason, he had bulging pants and a creepily happy wife. Fluffy Bunny was scared by the bulge in Bob's pants, so he chopped off the offending appendage and told Bob, "Woo should go two a dokter for tweetment. Dat's jus cweepy." (Don't ask; Fluffy Bunny hasn't spoken right since the probe incident.) Bob had fallen on the ground and was apparently not listening, so Wittle Fluffy Bunny hopped off to cause chaos another day. (Actually he caused chaos everyday, but thats many other stories.)