Wittle Fluffy Bunny was in for the fight of his life; he didn't pay for the reefer in the last story, so his homies weren't so tight anymore. He needed to hit em with some ends, fast, or else they would shank his ass yo. Not DARING to return to Enzite City, he checked out scenic Shorty Town. Everything here was smaller than in the real world. (You can imagine how thrilled the women there were when Fluffy Bunny got there.)

Fluffy Bunny became a male prostitute, because the demand was high in Shorty Town. He ended up getting enough ends to pay off his debt yo, so he hopped back to the hood and payed back his dawgs. His G's were happy that they got enough ends and started smoking the reefer again. They broke out the REALLY good shit, nigga nigga shiznigg, and everyone got crunk then went over to Michael Jackson's Ranch and stole 80 kegs of Jesus Juice. They didn't know WHAT was going on when that shit hit the fan, but there were some sore rear ends after it was all said and done, (if you know what I mean.) Then Fluffy Bunny blew that joint because no one could take it to the head like he could.

At about two in the morning, he watched some Star Trek and got beamed up by aliens. They said that they were looking for a cold blooded assassin such as himself, and hired him to kill the imperial majesty of Boobytron 8. They had no idea that Fluffy Bunny had sworn his eternal allegiance to Boobytron 8, and he killed everyone with a wet noodle and some tweezers. (You don't wanna know). Then he flew back to earth and called his woman on the side and they played Life and Go Fish. Hugh Hefner called and asked if he wanted to come over, but Fluffy Bunny had to decline b/c he said he would tutor the homeless kids, (when he really wanted to get with the nuns at the orphanage.) Then he played real life Frogger and didn't lose even one life! Of course, the people on the highway weren't moving anymore, but that wasn't HIS problem you know.

At 8 the next morning, he got hit on the head with a steel drum and blacked out...