snowballs & playboys

your hands are on the dashboard
long, brown fingers with the
nervous scars
playing with the little hula girl
we bought about 200 miles back
just to make us laugh
at some texas gas station
with the snowballs & playboys
we were craving
in these
late night southwestern silences

& when your pinky curves around her grass-skirted
& your eyes look toward the slowly fading stars
at the horizon just peering over the edge of early morning
(still seeming too far away from us to be more than just a sleep deprivation induced
i put my hand on your thigh
my head on your shoulder
my tiny fingertips finding your heart
underneath your t-shirt
& i know
that in the miles we have to go
the next truck stop
sleazy diner
wrong turn
& shared smile over a gas station
will all feel like profound revelations
ginsberg & kerouac & buddha
at their philosophical finest
couldn't epitomize.
& that postheavymetalhardpunkrock bass line
will take on a meaning
that only we will
& as long as there is your arm around me
our bones touching
& our breaths coming in time
with the music
& our kisses
are finding love within our skins
then we will be like the last few moments before sunrise
when the desert shines
like it did before god made man
& everything is infinite
like we are