..Just a simple Friendship…..

Don't let us realize the truth

For it is unacceptable in our eyes.

This simple friendship

Is fogged by jealousy, doubt, hate, distrust.

We were all friends

Like peas in a pod.

There where never a dull moment

Then reality hit us hard.

Individuality was what kept us together

Differences kept us close.

But now there was a pair

And we all tore apart.

He liked her.

Her thoughts were elsewhere.

Naturally, he followed her

All ties with them were left behind.

There were lies.

Insults and remarks were made.

Gossip spread like a disease

But this all happened behind closed doors.

Now where do we stand?

He's with them, we've got us.

Two islands apart,

An ocean of distrust, lies and jealousy is all that separates us.

A/N: so poetically..i guess you can say this explains my life from January to May. Hopefully….someone can think up a better title for this poem than the current one!

-Pigment of Your Imagination