The Denizens of the Night


The Dark Angel

Smooth gloved hands caressed her skin as she trembled with fear. The scent of terror hung in the air as ripe as the perfume she wore, maybe even more so. The girl was pretty; she had long strawberry blonde hair that, when hit with sunlight, shone gold with equally attractive azure eyes. She was a sweet girl; never imaging she would fall pray to him…

He had been gentle with her… well as gentle as someone like him could be.

Gentle enough to coax her soul to unleash itself to show him her true form.

Yet she had remained afraid and that bored him. It always happened this way. He would obtain a human girl to try and entertain himself and would get bored in less than a week. He had even tried a variety of females…

The really timid ones intrigued him, but their fright caused him to tire of them quickly, the real dim ones humored him for a while, but dismayed him in the end, and the fiery ones just annoyed the hell out of him. One thing he could not stand was insubordination.

He sighed. He had thought this one was different; she had indeed lasted longer than the rest… a month. Yet she had misled him horribly.

He had watched her, and she seemed to fit what he wanted. Soon after falling prey to him she began to slowly was lose her life to him, becoming numb to everything around her.

His thrusts were clear and to the point, his thoughts making him sick and boring him. The girl beneath him…

What was her name?

Ah, Kimberly, shut her eyes and turned a pale white like she always did. He satisfied himself and left her, but then turned and with a wave of his hand, slashes appeared over her body, and he left her to bleed to death.


A voice called to him as he sat on a thick crimson chair staring out the window idly fingering a wine cup. "What is it, Vader?" He asked turning slightly.

"Where is your little concubine?"

The Lord of All Vampires drew away from the shadows. Scarlet hair the same color as the liquid that sustained him was pulled up into a ponytail, the long strands gently moving in silence along his back. Hooded eyes the color of the darkest obsidian stone, which hypnotized whomever they beheld, were studying him intently. With the albino pale skin that all vampires shared, his eyes were brought even more into focus. His tight, crimson sweater covered thick muscles and tight leather pants accented his long, lean legs with heavy combat boots and a belt with a series of weapons that clinked with his steps, the only sound that the vampire made as he walked over to his friend.

After not receiving an answer, The Vampire Lord—who was only addressed by name by his companion—groaned and spoke, "Again? I seriously thought this one was going to last. What was wrong with this one?"

"She bored me." Xerxes replied taking a sip of his wine.

"All of them bore you, Xerxes. You go through females faster than I do." Vader smirked his fangs extending as he fingered the dark feathers of the carefully folded wings behind his companion.

"We have different objectives." Xerxes spoke looking out the window once more trying not to shutter at the shiver down his spine from the touches to his wings. "Stop that."

Vader obliged and was silent for a long moment, and Xerxes knew he was searching the castle for the girl's body heat.

After a long moment, the red-head spoke, "Well regardless, couldn't you have at least killed her in a more subtle manner? I can almost smell her blood from here. After all, she did keep your attention longer than the rest." He finished a-matter-a-factly.

"I would think you would enjoy it; all that fresh blood pouring out of her body, think of it as a gift."

Vader scoffed and leaned against the nearest wall, "How thoughtful of you."

Xerxes chuckled then. "If you wanted her for yourself you could have just said so."

"No, she was appealing, but I like the fiery ones myself." His friend paused and then smirked, "Well, when are you going to begin your quest for another one? It's not like you have to worry about rejection."

Xerxes snickered softly. The Vampire Lord certainly did not lack in physical appearance by any means, but when it came to looks, Xerxes himself could not be overthrown.

Long hair the color of platinum silver flowed down his back in a low ponytail held by a satin onyx-colored ribbon. The silver strands contrasted favorably with his skin, the perfect mix of ivory and olive. Bright eyes the color of emerald gems gleamed beneath silver bangs, and almost seemed to shift different shades of green depending on his moods.

He knew full well his features were almost feminine in nature, his oval face and high cheekbones less masculine than Vader's square face shape with a strong chin, thanks to his origin. Fortunately, while he his face seemed less masculine, his body on the other hand was much thicker and taller than his vampire companion.

Remembering his friend's question, Xerxes shrugged and replied, "Tomorrow probably. Why don't you come with me? You need a new bride."

Vader shook his head fervently, "No, thanks. I don't really want one right now. Besides, the last thing I want is to become a distraction for your conquest. After all, seeing me would only cause them to avert their attention to the stunning redhead rather than the gray-haired angel."

Xerxes grunted in humor before turning to Vader. "Sure, Dracula-boy."

"Hey!" Vader cried at the mention of his great-great grandfather. "It's Sir Dracula-boy to you."

The angel waved his hand as a form of dismissal, but Vader ignored it as he walked over to the chair and draped his arms over Xerxes, resting his chin on his shoulder.

"You really need a hobby, my dark angel." He whispered.

Xerxes did not tense but didn't look at him, "And you need to get a bride."

The Vampire Lord shook his head and drew back. "Fine… if I go with you tomorrow, will you stop nagging me?"

"Don't blame me for you inadequacy to get women."

Vader rolled his eyes. "Well my friend, I'll leave you since I have other things that need doing. Oh by the way, Raine wanted to speak with you."

Xerxes tensed and gripped the wine glass tightly. "You know my answer."

"I know; he made me promise to tell you though. Funny, your brother is the only angel who actually speaks to 'evil' beings like us. You would think being what he is…"

The Dark Angel chuckled bitterly. "Well the whole drinking other people's blood doesn't exactly give off the most benign image."

Vader raised a brow, "And rebelling does?" He made his exit before the angel could retort.

Xerxes shook his head of unwanted memories and finished off his wine. He would find another girl tomorrow… hopefully this one would last a tad longer. If fate decided to smile upon him, she would be the one he was searching for.

He then put his chin on his hand. If not then, she'd better keep him occupied while he searched. What should he look for this time? If only there was a girl who happened to have different aspects of persona, so he wouldn't become bored to tears.

"Alas, there is no such human." He murmured before taking a sip of his wine. All he could do was find the next best thing.

"Kaila, watch out!"

A sixteen-year-old hit the ground with a thud, her long, dark hair falling over her head.

"Kaila, are you all right?" Her friend, Paula Matthews, raced over and helped her up.

"Oh crap! I'm sorry! I didn't see her." The skater teen who had accidentally caused the collision grabbed his skateboard and rushed over to the fallen girl.

"Ow…" Kaila Simmons murmured as she sat up and gripped her knee. "I'm alive."

"I told you to watch out." Paula spoke shaking her blonde head. She turned to the boy who watched worriedly, "She's fine. Just be more careful."

Kaila glanced up at the teen boy, "I'm fine. It's okay."

He nodded before mounting his board and skating away.

"Next time, please warn me before I trip." Kaila added her dark chocolate eyes flashing in annoyance.

Her best friend shrugged. "You're always tripping; I can't be on alert twenty-four seven."

Kaila opened her mouth to argue, but then shrugged in agreement. "But you have to admit that it wasn't my fault this time."

Paula nodded. "For once yeah it wasn't. You barely stepped out of the ice cream shop when he barreled into you."

At this, Kaila frowned, "My sundae…" She picked it up though by now it was beyond salvation.

"Here, squirt." A male voice cut in as another sundae was handed to her.

She looked up to see the hazel eyes of her older brother Daniel Simmons. He smirked at her, the sun making his tan skin seem darker. It didn't seem fair that he was such a nice shade of olive while she was stuck with her natural-born ivory skin. After all, she sun tanned as much as the next teenager.

"Thanks." Kaila broke free from her thoughts as she accepted the sundae.

"What are you doing here, Danny?" Paula asked softly, and Kaila looked on while eating her treat contently.

"I work here. My shift was going to start, and I saw my oh-so-graceful sister fall and knew she'd need another one." He replied smiling at Paula, who in turn blushed.

Kaila stopped eating when she noticed this particular exchange. Her nineteen-year-old brother waved his goodbye his eyes never leaving her best friend. When he was out of sight, Kaila remarked, "What was that?"

"What was what?"

"That little 'exchange' of words?"

"What 'exchange'? We were just saying hello." Paula retorted defensively, her own light blue eyes narrowing.

Kaila raised a brow but acquiesced, "If you say so," She examined her friend closely. Her brother and her best friend were good looking people. His height of five foot nine really matched well with Paula's five foot seven. They made a cute couple.

Even though her best friend was a year older than her and more mature, Paula still treated her with equal respect as if they were the same age, a fact that Kaila was grateful for.

It was obvious that Paula and Danny liked each other. When this happened, Kaila wasn't sure. Yet it unnerved her that neither of them had mentioned anything to her…

It was almost like… they were trying to hide it…

"Well that's a bust." Kaila thought out loud.

"What is?" Paula asked.

"Huh?" Kaila replied looking up.

"You said 'that's a bust'. What is?"

"Oh…um… nothing. Listen, I'd better be getting home. I have to study. Big Chemistry test coming up, and you know how bad I am in science."

"Math too, babe." Paula laughed at her indignant look, "I'm teasing though I wasn't lying. Anyway, I have a physics report due myself. See you later!"

"Bye!" Kaila replied waving as they separated ways.

End of the Chapter

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