"Nobody knows who I am." Cadence thought to herself. " Why can't people just talk to me it's not like I have a disease or

something...I'm not ugly I don't think." Cadence looks in the mirror and sees...a heart shaped face, gorgeous curly blonde hair, grey blue eyes, long eyelashes, tan complexion, and a curvy figure.

"Well I guess I have to get ready for school" she groaned.

"CADENCE!" her mom yelled "HURRY UP!"

"IM COMING!" she yelled back to her mom. She put on jeans and a tank top. On her way to school she sees the "popular kids" all hanging out pointing at her and whispering...not the best thing to have happen to you.

Every day Cadence goes to her locker theres always sticky stuff on the little knobby. "Gross" she whispered to herself. She hears snickering and trys to ignore it but she just can't. In first block which is English, Mrs. Bush. She doesn't teach the lesson just sort of tells them to read the book, but instead Cadence does something else...

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