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Last sentence of the prologue

She hears snickering and trys to ignore it but she just can't. In first block which is English Mrs. Bush doesn't teach the lesson just sort of tells them to read the book, but instead Cadence does something else...


She pulls out a huge pack of every Sharpie color ever imaginable. And starts drawing pictures of the guy she likes. His name is Jack. He's 6'0, brown hair, built nicely, blue green eyes, and a great personality. He wasn't mean to Cadence he would say hey to her in the hall, and smile at her.

Mrs. Bush walks out to go get a cup of coffee and use a bathroom break.

A girl walks by and yells in Cadence's ear "OMG DID YOU DRAW THAT...with markers?"

"Uh yeah..." Cadence said unsure. A couple of kids go up to Cadence to see why she was basically screaming everything. "Omg that is so good" one kid said. Another said "wow did she really draw that?"

Katrina comes up and sees what the fuss is all about and sees a picture of her boyfriend. "Well I see little Cadence has a crush." Cadence blushes. (i mean wouldnt you, she basically like yeah, ill get back to the story). Katrina says in like a whispery mean voice (like the mean girls do when there like mad. oops sorry about that again : /) "Guess what chick? It's never going to happen!" "Look at you, Jack doesn't go for little girls, he goes for women."

Cadence whispers "I'm more woman than you."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh" the class says. "Shut up!" Katrina said.

Author note: Well im sorry its over atleast its not a cliffhanger though