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"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh" the class said. "Shut up!" Katrina said angrily. As soon as Katrina said that Mrs. Bush walked in. "Katrina principals office now!, and for the rest of you go back to your seats!" Mrs. Bush said.

The girl behind Cadence whispered "your really good at drawing."

"Thanks" Cadence whispered back.

"My name is Devin by the way" Devin said.

"NO TALKING" Mrs. Bush yelled. The class looked at the two, shrugged and went back to work.

Devin had brown thin straight hair, really dark brown eyes and, tan skin. She was 5' 7. She was really pretty. She was also a straight A student, though I don't know how. Devin had alot to say.

"So how come you never talk?" Devin said.

"Well i'm shy" Cadence said turning a bit red. Omg she talks ALOT. Candence thought to herself.

"Why?" Devin said.

"Um because I get embarr-" Cadence was cut off by Mrs. Bush "YOU GIRLS BOTH HAVE DETENTION!" Mrs Bush yelled without lifting her head. So Cadence went back to drawing, and Devin went back to reading.

After First block there was second block which was Cadence's least favorite class. Algebra2. CAdence sat right infront of Katrina. How fun.

"You know I told Jack about your little "obsession" with him." Katrina spoke loudly enough for the back rows to hear, but not the front. "He said that's really creepy and he would like it if you wouldn't draw little ugly pictures of him? Ok?" said Katrina.

"Oh." Cadence said in a little whisper.

"See what I told you about liking MEN, they only go for WOMEN." Katrina said laughing.

"Hey Katrina I think Barbie wants her face and body back." Devin said laughing at her own joke. Cadence started laughing and then the whole class was laughing. (You see what happens when one person laughs then everyone laughs i love those lol)

"BE QUIET, THERE ARE MATH TESTS GOING ON!" Mr. Pattyhead spoke out of nowhere.

"Were not taking a math test were doing math work out of the textbook?" this girl michelle said. The class started laughing.

"Well you weren't taking a math test but now you are." The mean Mr. Pattyhead said.

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