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When Devin woke up she saw Cadenced snuggled up in Jack's arms. Devin tapped Cadence on the arm, and when Cadence woke up she smiled when she looked at Jack. She gave him a little kiss on the cheek, and both Devin and Cadence left the livingroom. "So are you going to tell me what happened, or am I going to have to beg...please don't make me beg." Devin said sounding like an excited puppy.

"Well it would be totally cool if you would beg, but two things I wouldn't do that to a friend I just met, and second of all I'm too excited to hold this in any longer!" exclaimed Cadence. "He asked me out!" Cadence said trying to sound cool about it.

"Oh my gosh! That's so awesome!" Devin replied eagerly.

Jack walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Cadence's waist. "So what are we all doing today?" Jack asked.

"I have nooo flippin idea." Devin said smiling.

"Well I heard next weekend the opening of the new amusement/waterpark. It's called Super Fun Way Amusement Park and Water Park." Cadence said laughing as she said it. She's been wanting to go for months! Just she had noone to go with her.

"Well thats do-able!" Jack smiled as he said it.

"Agh! I love you smile." Cadence said smiling back at him.

"Ah..well I love your smile more." Jack replied with a smile on his face.

"Oh no your smile is way sexier than mi-" Cadence was interupted by Devin.

"Ok love birds thats enough!" Devin said slightly grossed out.

Jonathon walked in and muttered goodmorning but it came out 'oodmoring'. Jonathon stared at Jack and Cadence.

"Morning" they all said in unison.

"So whats going on with you too?" Jonathon said looking at Cadence and Jack slightly confused.


"Woah there dont get too excited cowbo-i mean cowgirl..." Jonathon said.

Cadence felt her cheeks get hot as she laughed bashfully.

"So now that you three are done talking...or in Cadence's case yelling, what do we do now." Devin finally talking after a few minutes sounding quite rude, but looking sad at the same time.

Cadence stared at Devin for awhile wondering what could be wrong.

"Uhm can I talk to Devin alone for a little but please?" Cadence asked Jack.

"Uhh Jonathon lets go play Halo 2." Jack said.

"OK!" Jonathon said as he raced to the game system.

"Ok Devin talk to me...whats wrong." Cadence asked concerned.

"Well if we go to the park (referring to the amusement park/waterpark) who am I going to go with? There's you and Jack, and then Jonathon and Cindy." Devin said sadly.

"Well what about...Lance!" Cadence said. (happy devin...i know you didnt really ask but im a mindreader!)

"Yeah you see theres a problem...I dont know if he likes me!" Devin said.

"Well you guys are friends so ask him as a friend." CAdence said.

"Ok I guess that could wokr." Devin said.

"So lets get out of here and get some icecream!." Cadnce said.

"Ok" was all Devin said, she was already daydreaming about going to the park with Lance.

"ICECREAM!" Cadence screamed.

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