Do you ever dream? I know I do. Strange how a dream can affect a person and they might never know. Dreams are the windows to our heart, even to our very soul. I believe dreams are the key to our sub-conscience; The bridge to come into the world of reality. To dream is to be and feel alive. Through dreams, we dare the impossible, unleash our desires and be who we truly are; unafraid of judgement or mockery. Without dreams, one is alone and lies to themselves.

When I dream, I feel. Sometimes I wake with a smile on my face; Others with a tear on my cheek. Some are filled with happiness; Others with death and sorrow. Snatches of the future and the people I will meet. Reoccurances of my past. Some are filled with the desire I hold dear to my heart in the present.

To dream is a wonderful gift. One to cherish and hold dear, no matter what they are. Dreams are the very fabric of our imagination and each and every one is a work of art.