Fading of the Mist

"You have failed me." I sadly informed the quiet girl before me, "Look at yourself, what have you become?"

The girl did not speak. Her lips were compressed defiantly, as a tacit protest to my accusation. A deep blue mist began to form in her eyes and quickly expanded between us, until I could see her countenance no more, but only a vague hint of her features.


I could hear no sounds but that of her heartbeat, of mine, which were strangely synchronized to the same tick; and with each beat I felt a little hammer pounding at my heart: once, twice…

A keen agony seized my body as I sensed an immense repulsion radiating from her through the mist. I understood her feelings, but I needed her to understand mine. For we're a whole: without her, I am only nothing, and without me, she the same.

"Go away, I don't need you."Having read my mind clearly, her voice rang from the other side of the mist.

"Please, listen to me. All I ever wanted was –"

"Was for my own good?" She questioned bitterly. "Have you ever thought of what I really wanted?"

I was stupefied.

"All these years, all these fifteen years, you have been in control of me. I did everything you asked, yet you are never satisfied, you never can be satisfied. Because –" She hesitated a second, "because you have no feelings! You never cared for me! All you wanted was perfection, forcing me to accomplish things that are impossible, blinded by your selfishness to succeed!"

Those words struck me one after another like a series of waves, so forceful, so deafening, that I felt a dreadful drone in my ears. I stared at her blankly for a minute. Then I slapped her in the face.

She gave a curt scream, shocked by what I just did. Although strict as she deemed me to be, I had never laid my finger on her once.

"Pain, you feel? Then that's what I feel, to know what you think of me - a mere obligation? Yet, have you ever wondered where I come from?" I motioned her to look at the night sky. "Remember how you wished to be the brightest star? That wish never died in you, did it? You have always been a dreamer, and in your dreams, your wishes, your deepest desires I dwell. I know the unlimited potentials you possess, and that's why I have always believed in you and in your future. And look at them," I pointed at a pair of twin stars. "Like them, we shall make it to the end together. I know we can do it."

"You're crying?" she asked with a quiver of disbelief.

I turned toward her direction, and when I did not know, the mist had faded. I saw something glistening in her eyes, as she had seen in mine.

Without a word, I embraced her and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. Our hearts mingled in unison, "No matter what happens, I will always love you, my dearest Self."