I travel through the desert of time.

I walk along the dotted line.

I do this for one person,

And that person is me.

A victim of reality,

A victim of calamity.

If I tried to escape,

There would be no scenario.

The trail left behind disappeares,

But the memories reappear.

In my head as I walk this line.

And I can't get them out.

I've trained my life for this moment,

Now no one will help me show it.

I've become stronger than others,

So I can prove their words to be lies.

I chose the path with the greatest test,

So I can become better than the rest.

I have traveled my entire life,

For this moment.

I want to go where no one has been,

I want to prove to myself that I can win.

I can have the courage to be bold,

So I can believe in myself.

I wanna go where no one has been,

Far beyond the crowd.

Stepping through the sand,

And use the power within my hand.

In my heart and my soul,

I know who I want to be.

I will risk everything to be the best.

To be the greatest in this life and the next.