What are promises, except that which is meant to be broken?
Even in writing, they're only words, how do you know that they're even real?

When every day drags by, and you know you're alone;
When all you've got left is your own sympathy.

Forever waiting, it's not like you'll run out of time,
you'll wait forever for that one last surprise.

All we share is death, that's our one common fate,
but how you get there doesn't matter.

Life doesn't care for your petty excuses;
time will not wait for your incessant lies.

With each passing sunset, the clock chimes on,
the bell is tolling, and one by one, we're gone.

No matter the friendships, the wisdom we've gained,
it's all for nothing, it all fades away.

We like to believe that we cannot be stopped,
we wish that we were our own masters

Whether it's love or hate, whether we live or die,
it's all determined by our choices that we make.

The past cannot be changed, the future is not known,
and all we have is what we get each day.

Ich will die ganze Welt; Du bist die Welt,
but no more will you hurt me.

I know better now, life isn't just fun games anymore,
now all that matters is who wins and who loses.

If only we could find our puzzle pieces,
and find our way out of this atrophic nightmare.