As the rain rips back

Cascading through freshly soaked hair

Something alters, a gentle, unseen current

Pushing aside the continuous efforts and emotions

"Everything in Transit", that's you used to say,

Quoting your favorite album.

And suddenly, with cognizance and recollection, the tides pull me back…

Back to skin so full of lotion, sweat brought about aromas of sun and surf.

Back to the bronzed skin that tingled so elegantly

As my fingers brushed it, caressing and cradling

Back to the sweet, tangy taste of salt mounted firmly to...

Every part of you

But the tides turned away,

Chasing a full, alluring moon.

One that they could never catch

No matter how far their

Foam-laced fingers stretched

These collapsing waves and I have so

Much in common.

Neither of us could reach

What we always wanted

Neither of us knew

What we really needed.

Maybe we still don't know.

We're still fawning after the same moon.

I've seen the waves grapple and attempt to cling

Onto the sand for dear life,

Slowly erasing the memories of the beach

As it is ripped from its haven on the sandy shores.

I've played witness to every trigger fish

Darting about the ankles of the small children

Who shrieked with laughter

And the not-so-small women

Who shrieked with fear.

I've observed countless kisses, a multitude of embraces

And the final ravishing, torrid attempt of two people

Desperate to stay together, even if they can't

Stand one another.

I haven't learned why I still yearn

For you to return to my side,

Nor have I discovered why

I made you leave.

I can't even recall why I was drawn to

Your side that first day.

Honestly, truthfully, the only thing I've collected

From my years of waiting and watching…

…is that these moments on this beach,

These infinite memories that we cling to and put into

Our pockets like a sought after seashell,

These moment are nothing more than

Single instances frozen for a second

Only for the world to keep turning

And the waves to keep pummeling the sand

As everything continues perpetually in transition

Momentum and intention alike.