I hate it when I'm lonely

want hands to walk up my spine

eyes heavy

my thighs fill till it feels like they'll explode

making everything heavy

I want to hear your lips caress my ears

Tongue tickle my neck as fingers dance

On my skin

I was to be squeezed till all my juice is out

And feel saturated and dry

so that I die..

There are days when nothing I can say or sing can change a thing 'cause my lips are sown shut and no matter how much I try the seam just won't come undone.

There are days when the sky is high but the earth is higher and I'm suffocating under it all.

There are days when here, and now is all I can see and there is peace in my heart.


GAH! Why won't you just look at m .

MEHR! Why can't you just di .

ARG! Why do I have to car .

BLAH! Why don't I just dar .