Here I am inside my padded cell

the white walls washing out my face

there is no beauty left at all

inside there is just empty space

I cry out in my sleep out night

a thousand times I scream your name

the others cannot sleep at night

can't stay focused in the day

They say I ruin their nature here

because I can't just be boxed in

I'm not straight out to kill myself

priceless, worthless, anything

My body floats up in the air

although you cannot see my fly

I see you from above the ground

last night I got so fucking high

The scars you say that keep me here

the ribs you say are sticking out

the things you say I don't consume

and all to whom that I put out

There's a reason I don't love my skin

there's a reason I am skin and bones

there's a reason why things make me sick

the same reasons for my broken home

Was there a time you loved me true

do you not remember when?

You feel on your knees when I was born

Did I not seem like Heaven then?

So I float here in my padded cell

Scars on my arms, a sunken face

Trying to redeem myself

attempting to outlive disgrace.