I Wish

By Ella-Watson

(Hope you like!)

I wish I could turn back time,

And see where it all went wrong.

Did it go bad because I watched T.V.,

or listened to that song?

Is it because I walked underneath a ladder,

Or a black cat walked past?

Because lately I've been made fun of,

And in races, I was last.

My things are getting lost,

'running away' and getting thieved.

Is it my fault for forgetting where I left them,

Or is someone out there, at me, peeved.

I wish life would end,

So I won't feel so sad and broken hearted.

Or better yet,

Maybe I wish life hadn't even started.

Because if it has,

I wouldn't be here crying.

I wouldn't have to put up with the betrayal,

The teasing and the lying.

I see those people out there,

who can ignore the bad stuff life just throws.

Who appreciate their shelter,

What they're fed, and their clothes.

Why can't that be good enough for me?

Why can't I just be grateful?

This is thing I think of myself,

This thing that is hateful.

I hate what I see in the world,

Why do I always see the bad?

When I really think about it, maybe,

That's why I'm always so sad.

I should look at the positives,

And look at what I've got.

Because when I really think about it,

I'll end up being grateful for the lot.

I know it.