I glancd over at Jared as we stood in front of the priest, and waited for him to begin the ceremony. Jared looked adorable in his tux, and as he noticed me watching him, he winked. I grinned at him.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, We are here today to celebrate the marriage of.."

A babies cry broke through the church, and everyone laughed.

I ran down the altar, and scooped my six month old son up into my arms. Shushing him. Cooper Henry Brown was as stubborn and pig headed as his father, and had demanded to be born two weeks early. It had been an eighteen hour, agonising labour. Jared, predictably, had fainted.

When he'd come to, I'd fractured his hand whilst in the throes of a contraction.

I glanced down at my baby son, and smiled. It was hard to believe that I'd been so uncertain about how Jared had felt about me. Every day he took time to tell me how much he loved me, and I felt cherished, loved and special.

I climbed back up onto the altar, patting Coopers back, and praying that he wouldn't spit up on me.

All eyes were on me, and I flushed.

I looked to the priest.

"Please, Continue."

Jared stood up from his place at the bridal table, and clinked his knife against his glass.

"Right you lot, shut up!" he hollered, and ignored Mel's withering look.

"I would like to say a few words, You know what. None of us thought that we would be here today, I mean, you couldn't have two more different people if you tried. And yet, different has worked. So I want to say a big thank you to everyone here, helping us celebrate on this special day."

A big 'aww' went through the hall, and Jared smugly decided that his speech was the best out of the lot of them.

He raised his glass.

"To the Bride and groom, Dane and Laila! All the best!"

Jared sat down, and pulled his wife onto his lap. They had been married for almost eight months now, And he was loving every minute. Mel's grandmother had pronounced their speedy wedding tacky, Sophie had gotten drunk and danced in the fountain at the reception centre, and Marin had brought her new boyfriend. Claire and George had come together, announcing to everyone there that they were 'going steady' Jared and George had managed to bury the hatchet, and George even apologised for all the times he had interfered.

Jared bent down and kissed her.

"Have I told you how much I love you today?" he enquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Hmm, only twice Mr Brown."

"Mmm. Dismal form Mrs Brown, dismal." He chuckled.

"I love you." He whispered, and kissed her once more.

"Cooper wants you." Mel's mother's voice broke through their bliss, and Jared eased his wife off his lap, and took their sone from him. Cooper was getting bigger and bigger by the day, he had his dark hair, and Mel's beautiful eyes and smile.

"When are we going to make it a matching set wifey?" he asked lazily, knowing she wouldn't dare smack him in public.

"YIAOW!" he yelled as she smacked him upside of the head.

He rubbed his head and scowled at her, and she softened, and smiled at him.

"Well I know what I'm getting myself in for this time, but what do you think, give it a couple of months?" she asked impishly, and he grinned at her, leaning across their son to brush his lips across hers.

"Whatever you say my love."

I looked up, as the crowd began to twitter, Dane and Laila were leaving. I still couldn't get over it, it had been love at first shag for those two, and now they were married. I grinned. Life was good.

"She's throwing the bouquet! Come on!" I heard someone call and I looked down our table to where Claire and George were sitting. They were serious, but not too serious. But the main thing was, Claire was happy. She had told me that she could see a future with George, and that he wanted kids one day. I was waiting for the day when she told me she was going to be my sister.

"Go on Claire!" I yelled, and she blushed.

"Will you come with me?" she hollered back, and Jared slung his arms around my waist.

"This one's happily married!" he answered, and I laughed, and shrugged. I pulled free of Jared and went over. I pulled her to her feet and dragged her over to where all the women that weren't married were assembling.

"This is silly! It's just a stupid tradition!" she muttered, and I grinned at her.

"Then do me a favour, and honour the stupid tradition!" I answered, walking back a bit.

"One! Two! Three!" Laila called, pitching the bouquet backwards over her head.

George came up beside me, and we watched the flight of the bouquet.

The flowers sailed through the air, and landed neatly in Claire's folded arms.

Iglanced my brother, he was suddenly looking very very scared.

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