What Are Faeries?

They're the pinpricks of light,

That you can only see at dusk,

But everyone thinks they're bugs of some sort.

And you think to yourself,

'Those things are so annoying'

Even though you know you like them,

But say you don't so you don't look weird.

You even vow to smash their guts along the pavement

But you won't.

And you know it.

Since you kinda, sorta think they're cute,

Only up close, though.

But tonight you only see the spots of light over there,

Near the woods (Like you would ever go there).

You just aren't that desperate.

So you give up and look towards the sky,

Maybe in hope to see a faerie or maybe just the stars (Who knows?)

And there she is, flying.

Her dark hair drawn into a bun, contrasting with her skin.

Her purple dress wrapped around her delicate body,

As if it was made for her.

You see her rest her pale eyes on you.

But only for a split second,

Before they're gone, all of them, the ones around your head, too.

Now you're left alone,

Vowing to smash their guts along the pavement.