Title: Silence

Rating: PG13

Claimer: IT'S MINE! ALL MINE! (Sorry, I'm just really excited because this is the first fic I've written that I haven't had to put a disclaimer on).

Thank you: Thanks to my BETA reader and best friend Erin Cale.

Notes: ITS MINE! It does not belong to Paramount, Rockne O'Bannon, Fox, or any of the other idiots in charge (Manacle laughter). Please review for the crazy person.

Nobody had spoken for over a month, and nobody planned to. The silence was thickening every minute, becoming almost a tangible entity in its self. The terrible quit had spread through out the room, like a choking toxic smog, slowly wearing away at the sanity of it's inhabitants. Nobody moved, if they did their clothing would rustle sending waves of sound through out the room. It was so horribly quit that if a pin were to drop they would here it, but despite the agony that the silence was causing nobody wanted to hear a dropping pin, for even that minute sound, if for some reason it were not properly muffled by the ear plugs that everyone was wearing, would be the cause of certain death.

The plague-the dreadful destructive plague-had hit almost a year ago, and in that excruciatingly short time it had managed to wipe out all of earths inhabitants. Except for the six people who sat huddled in that room. They had come together by mutual consent, each of them knowing that both the end of there existence and of life on earth was near, and none of them willing to die alone. Despite the knowledge that their death was inevitable they had made the decision early on to fight it as long as they could... none of them could face the idea of surrender and entrance into an unknown afterlife. And yet deep down most of them wanted to die, hoping that after their death that they would be reunited with the many friends and loved ones who had passed on before them.

The thing that hurt the six unlikely comrades most was the fact that perhaps all the deaths could have been prevented. The plague had struck suddenly, but with amazing force. It had sent the human species into a frenzy searching for the cure or even the cause of this mysteries malady. They had found neither, but eventually a scientist form Japan, named Hiriko Ishida had found out how it was transmitted-the microorganism that triggered the illness was being carried piggyback upon sound waves. By than it had been to late to do anything about it. Now Hiriko sat in this very room, vigilantly watching for death to come striding in to make his final visit to Earth.

The silence was finally shattered by one woman's piercing scream. The others moved in a futile effort to quiet her, but they all knew it was to late. The whole room dissolved into anarchy, a few people laughed and many people cried loudly. One man sang a love song. The silence was broken. The end had come.