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A male angel sat against the trunk of a tree upon a branch sitting just beneath a crimson anthro. The tail from the male anthro dangled off the branch lazily as he suddenly said, "Go get me some water, slave." The angel, Daisuke, rolled his green eyes in slight annoyance looking up at the anthro. He grinned slightly as he replied, "No." The anthro, Masurao, looked down at him with a glare. He dropped down from his branch as he landed right in front of Daisuke.

"I said get me my water." Masurao said in a threatening tone. Daisuke knew better than to fear Masurao and he just turned his face away. Masurao began to scratch up his arms as he repeated his demand. Finally he ceased his constant scratching as he just sat there staring into Daisuke's determined and disobedient eyes. This time Massie decided to take a different approach as he crawled closer to Daisuke. Since the boy was already pinned against the tree he had nowhere else to go.

Masurao placed his hands on either side of Daisuke's shoulders making it so there was no way out. His body coming closer to the angel's as he noticed the bright blush on Daisuke's cheeks. Their faces were so close together that Daisuke could feel Massie's warm breath upon his skin. Masurao smirked as he said again, "Go get me my water." Daisuke inhaled deeply trying to remain calm as he replied, "Say it nicer."

Massie grinned as he moved his head so it was now near the crook of Daisuke's neck. His mouth coming close to Daisuke's ear he said in an alluring tone, "Will you get me my water, Dai-chan?" Daisuke blushed furiously and the sudden embarrassment made him lose focus as he fell off the branch. Masurao caught him by the scruff of his shirt and the slight flapping of his wings. Daisuke felt himself being thrown back on to the branch as he grimaced in pain. Masurao gave him an annoyed 'don't-be-so-clumsy' look as Daisuke hurried off to find him some water.

"I know I agreed to do whatever it was he wanted for him but God...why can't he just let me relax a bit?" Daisuke thought his mind thick with irritation. He landed right next to a small spring and took out a leather canteen filling it up with the clear water. He flew back to the tree and threw the canteen at Masurao, who skillfully caught it with one hand. Daisuke rested against the trunk of the tree again and just as his emerald eyes began to close he felt the canteen hit his leg. Green orbs flashing open as he stuffed the canteen away, wanting very much to just sleep.

"Go get me some food, Dai-chan." Masurao ordered. Daisuke's eye twitched as he let out a low growl. All of a sudden Masurao had him pinned face down on the branch, his foot pressing into the middle of Daisuke's back. Daisuke let out a groan of pain, the spot was obviously very weak. Masurao quickly let him go as Daisuke stood up and just glared at the anthro then took off.

As Daisuke flew among the trees and bushes he suddenly heard rustling inside one of the bushes. Daisuke stopped; hovering just a few inches from the ground staring at the bush. He waited until suddenly...a rabbit hopped out from the bush. Daisuke let out a relieved sigh as he crouched down to the rabbit's level. The rabbit sniffed his hand then jumped into his lap, obviously very comfortable with his presence. Daisuke petted the rabbit's soft fur as he said, "You gave me quite a scare. I thought you might have been something else."

Daisuke stood up continuing to pet the rabbit as he stared down it, debating on whether he was going to give this rabbit to Massie. The rabbit stared up at him with huge watery pathetic eyes and of course his heart completely gave way to that. He let out another sigh and said softly, "Man why do I have to be such a sucker for those eyes?" Suddenly the rabbit began squeaking furiously and struggling in his arms. Daisuke was about to ask what was wrong when he heard something huge come up behind him.

Before he even had time to turn around the huge creature hit him and sent Daisuke smashing into a tree. Daisuke hit the tree hard; his head smashing against it as he let out a loud yelp of pain. The rabbit scampered away as Daisuke lied there motionless. His head was swimming and he could barely make out the creature that was coming towards him. He brought a hand up to the back of his head and bit his lip when pain erupted there. Pulling his hand back he saw blood on his fingers. Daisuke's vision went white then completely black.

It was dark...so dark. The darkness was pitch black so he couldn't even see his own hands. A sharp pain in the back of his head jolted Daisuke back to reality as his green eyes flew open. The brightness of his surroundings blinded him as he took a few moments to adjust to the lighting. When he did he tried to sit up but the pain in his head made it impossible so he surveyed the area the best he could. Daisuke realized he was lying by the spring he gone to earlier and his eyes widened when he saw Massie crouching down by the spring.

He opened his mouth to call out the anthro's name, but couldn't since his throat felt dry and his tongue like sandpaper. Masurao turned around giving him a grimace as he walked up to the injured angel. Massie sat beside Daisuke as he carefully raised Daisuke into a sitting position. He took the canteen of water and let Daisuke drink from it. Daisuke greatly accepted it as he guzzled down the water. Masurao lied him back down and there was a moment of silence.

"Why didn't you keep your guard up, fool?" Masurao asked with annoyance. Daisuke let out a sigh and replied weakly, "I did, but I was no match for whatever that creature was." Massie rolled his eyes giving the angel a 'no-kidding' look. Daisuke just sent him a glare; pouting as he finally asked, "How long have I been out?" Masurao shrugged replying, "A few hours. At least I didn't have to deal with you whining about your injuries while you were unconscious."

Daisuke rolled his eyes then a thought struck him. He looked up at Massie and asked, "Why...why did you save me anyway?" Masurao's gaze flickered down to him then back away somewhere else. He crossed his arms in front of his chest as he replied, "You're MY slave. You can die when I say so." Daisuke could feel that there was some underlying tone to that, but he left it alone not wanting to provoke Massie.

Daisuke slowly and painfully began sitting up biting his lip as he did so. Masurao stared at him with unreadable eyes and once Daisuke was fully sitting up he let out a loud sigh. He rested against a tree trunk closing his eyes as his breath came out in pants. Suddenly he felt Masurao in front of him again as his eyes opened to meet golden ones. Massie gave him a teasing smirk as he suddenly pressed his lips against Daisuke's. The angel's eyes widened then slid half closed as Masurao kissed him. Massie's arms wrapped around his waist pulling their bodies closer as Daisuke parted his lips allowing Masurao's tongue to explore his mouth.

Massie's tongue brushed against every corner in his mouth; memorizing the taste and feel of Daisuke. The angel's arms wrapped around Masurao's neck pushing his head down as he deepened the kiss. With one hand though, Daisuke went down to the anthro's front. He cupped the anthro's member in his hand and gave it a slight squeeze. Massie let a small moan escape his lips as Daisuke took this chance to thrust his tongue into the anthro's mouth. The two battled for dominance, Massie quickly winning that battle.

Daisuke was about to remove his hand from Massie's front, but then Massie placed his hand over Daisuke's keeping it in place. Daisuke mentally smiled as he continued to pleasure the anthro. Finally they broke the kiss; both of them panting and flushed. Daisuke gazed into the golden eyes as he thought, "I just wish he wasn't teasing me." Daisuke loved Masurao...and moments like these were hard to come by. He let out a loud sigh as he slumped against the tree, feeling his heartache inside his chest.

Suddenly Masurao had him pinned again and he said in a strong tone, "I want you now." Daisuke blushed furiously and even though he wanted the same thing as Massie he knew it was best to wait. Maybe while they waited Masurao would develop feelings for him too. Daisuke quickly pushed Massie off of him as he stammered, "Woah! W-wait! I mean my wounds haven't even healed yet. Can't you give me some time to heal before we do anything like that." Massie let out a low growl but backed off and let out a sigh.

"I guess you're right. Fine then, once your wounds have healed you're mine." Masurao replied standing up. Daisuke smiled up at him and said, "Thank you, Masurao."

For the rest of the week Masurao helped Daisuke dress his wounds and each day Massie tried to molest the injured angel. Daisuke would just grin, playing hard to get as he refused to give Massie any sort of pleasure. The refusals took a toll on him too as he felt his love and passion growing stronger each day. It was into the next week and Daisuke's head wound was still bleeding and needed to be dressed twice a day. While Massie was out hunting Daisuke decided to take a bath since he hadn't had a decent one in a few days.

The angel looked around quickly undressing as he slipped into the water. The water was cool in a refreshing way and Daisuke dunked himself under the water allowing his whole body to get wet. Coming back up for air he moved his wet bangs out of his eyes not being able to shake his head. Daisuke flapped his wings, which were slightly heavy from the water. As he bathed he didn't realize that Massie had gotten back and was creeping up on him.

Massie silently slid into the water coming up behind the unsuspecting angel. A smirk crossed the anthro's face as he grabbed Daisuke's hips and thrust himself against the angel. Daisuke let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure; turning around quickly to see Massie. He wriggled away from the anthro feeling slightly disappointed at himself for doing so. Of course he had enjoyed that close contact...but he still wanted to play. Getting out of the water he lied down in the grass allowing the sun to dry him off.

"It shouldn't take this long for your wounds to heal." Masurao said glaring at the angel. Daisuke just shrugged closing his eyes as he relaxed although part of his mind remained on Massie. Two days later Daisuke's head wound got infected and he was stricken with a fever. (Aw man here comes my fever obsession XD) Massie had no choice but to leave Daisuke to find herbs for his wound. Daisuke lied curled up, shivering violently as his head pounded.

"You need to sit up Dai." Masurao said softly not wanting to increase the obvious throbbing in the boy's head. He helped Daisuke sit up and Massie sat behind the angel so he could apply the medicine to the wound. Daisuke rested against Massie's strong chest, his eyes shut tight as his breath came out in short pants. Once Massie had applied the medicine and redressed the wound he leaned against the tree trunk. Daisuke seemed to have fallen asleep and Masurao couldn't help but give the angel a small but warm smile.

Masurao closed his golden eyes, deciding to sleep as well. He was almost asleep when he felt Daisuke shift then felt hot breath on his face. Golden optics flashed open as Daisuke stared at him with hazed over green eyes. Daisuke's hands pressed against Massie's chest as he leaned forward and captured Massie's lips roughly. Masurao didn't mind the rough kiss as he kissed back just as rough. He felt Daisuke take one of his hands and begin guiding it towards his pants. Massie's eyes flashed open as he broke away from the kiss and pulled his hand back.

"No. You're sick Dai. You need to rest." Masurao said sternly. Daisuke let out a whimper falling into Massie's chest as he banged on it weakly with his fist. Daisuke groaned and said softly, "But I want you Masurao...please...I want you so bad. I love you." Masurao knew this...he knew the boy's feelings for him and slowly he was starting to feel the same too. But he didn't want to do this while the angel was feverish.

"Please wait, I don't want you to forget it when we do it. Wait until you're better Dai-chan." Massie replied softly velvet in his tone as he reached out stroking the angel's hair away from his sweaty face. Daisuke immediately melted at the touch and when Massie spoke his nickname. He snuggled into Masurao's chest and even though normally Massie would protest to this, he didn't. Massie allowed the angel to fall asleep cuddled up against his chest and in an odd way...he didn't mind so much anymore.

A few days later Daisuke had gotten over his fever and he vaguely remembered what had happened. Masurao was relieved that he had chosen to delay the moment. Daisuke's head wound had also completely healed up and the two were feeling very anxious for tonight. Massie had gone off to hunt so they wouldn't be distracted tonight. Daisuke was eagerly waiting for the sun to go down and for the moon to rise.

"Please hurry up! You damn sun!" Daisuke thought as he hugged his knees to his chest. Daisuke decided to reflect on what had happened that he did remember from when he was sick. He remembered wanting Massie so badly...remembered warm arms and a strong chest. He remembered a gentle touch and Masurao speaking his nickname...and that was all. He silently cursed himself for being so out of it that he couldn't remember anything else. Suddenly hearing the bushes rustle Daisuke sat up and smiled when he saw Massie emerge from them.

Daisuke stood up and walked up to him grinning widely. Daisuke fell back behind the anthro and asked, "Miss me?" Massie turned around to look at him giving him a slight glare then turned back around again. Daisuke grabbed his wrist and said, "Wait a minute! I wanna tell you something first." Massie turned around replying, "What is it now-" But his words were lost when Daisuke planted his lips upon the anthro's. He gave Massie a playful smile as he pulled away before the other could even respond.

The two walked over to a nice spot when they both suddenly stopped. Sniffing the air the scent of blood assaulted their noses as they looked around warily. Something was coming towards them...something huge and threatening. Daisuke tensed up his first instinct was to hide but he stood beside Masurao, the urge to stay next to him strong. Suddenly a huge creature burst out of the trees and blindly charged at them. (I dont kno what the hell it is so dont ask XP its just sumthing huge n scary that could kill ppl and kick ass XD) Both Daisuke and Massie jumped out of its way as they avoided the deadly tackle.

Daisuke hovered in the air as Massie jumped up into a tree, both of them surveying the creature. It was gigantic and they both knew that they would have to work together to defeat this one. They nodded and Massie jumped down from the tree taking out Destined as he jumped on the creature's back. Daisuke wasn't sure what he could do, he had no weapons, and the only weapon he could use was his fist. While debating on what he could do Massie was thrown off of the creature's back and landed a few feet away smashing into some trees. Seeing this...Daisuke's green eyes slowly changed. They became slitted and green flashed to crimson.

"You bastard!" Daisuke shouted as he plummeted towards the creature. Unknown strength came to him as he began to pummel the creature shouting curses, not caring if it understood or not. What it had done to Masurao was unforgivable. Daisuke quickly picked up Destined preparing to plunge the blade into the heart of the creature when someone stopped him. He whipped his head to look up at Massie, who had a few cuts but no major injuries. Massie shook his head giving him the silent command to drop it. Daisuke slowly came back to reality as his crimson eyes faded back to green and his pupils became normal.

"I-I'm..." Daisuke stammered as he fell limply to his knees. Masurao put a hand on his shoulder as he replied softly, "Its okay." Massie killed the creature then the two of them moved it far away. Daisuke stood in the water, clothes and all not caring how soaking wet they got. He was in numb shock, having never done that before. Masurao came up to the angel standing beside him as he said, "You know...its not you're fault." He heard Daisuke sniffle and tried to take a different approach as Massie wrapped his tail around Daisuke's waist.

"You were only trying to protect me. Its okay." Massie said again. Daisuke's body shook as Masurao saw the tears dropping into the water. Daisuke inhaled as he sobbed, "I-I know. But I almost killed that creature! I've never killed anything before...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry..." Massie shook his head moving closer to Daisuke as he replied, "Don't be sorry, you did nothing wrong." Massie gently placed his hand underneath the angel's chin as he lifted his face up. Daisuke looked into Massie's golden eyes, feeling so foolish for crying in front of someone so strong.

Daisuke began to cry more as Massie continued to keep his chin up. Masurao gazed at the angel's face covered in tears and flushed pink. He didn't want to see him cry...Daisuke threw his arms around Massie and hugged him close as he buried his face into the strong chest. Daisuke felt so frustrated...the anger, jealousy, love, and hurt. He wanted it to stop...Daisuke bit his lip as he thought desperately, "Please make the hurt go away." Again Masurao lifted the angel's chin, but this time what Daisuke met wasn't the golden eyes, but soft lips. As Daisuke realized he was being kissed; he pressed into it more as his tears began to cease.

Massie's hand began to trail down Daisuke's hip as they both realized they were still fully clothed and in the water. They broke the kiss, both of them blushing slightly. They got out of the water and quickly (haha 'quickly' might i add XD) undressed then stood in a nice spot. The moon was high and full in the sky as Daisuke looked up at it with a smile. Suddenly he was pinned to the ground by Masurao and he let out a soft "oof" as he was pushed down. Daisuke rolled his eyes slightly at the anthro as he said, "Geez warn me first, will ya?" Massie just smirked and asked, "Now why should I, slave?"

Daisuke growled softly replying, "Don't ruin the mood by calling me that." Massie just let out a chuckle as he said, "Shut up Dai-chan." He captured the angel's lips in a rough kiss, pushing him into the ground, tail wrapping around the boy's body. Daisuke moaned softly at the sudden kiss immediately opening his mouth granting Massie access. The two battled for dominance, Massie winning quickly as Daisuke gave way to the warm tongue assaulting every corner of his mouth. Daisuke, unknowing to the anthro, slipped his hand down to Masurao's member. Squeezing it gently, earning a moan from the anthro Daisuke took the chance to thrust his tongue into Massie's mouth.

Daisuke explored every cavern memorizing it, the rough kiss slowly turning into a softer one as Daisuke sucked on Massie's tongue. They finally broke the kiss for air as Massie said, "Care to roll over for me, uke?" Daisuke just smiled not minding the nickname, since he was the uke after all. He nodded and rolled onto his stomach letting out a small gasp as Masurao roughly squeezed his hips. Daisuke was not prepared when Massie thrust his member into him, a loud gasp/moan coming from him.

Masurao squeezed his hips tighter, thrusting in again as Daisuke closed his eyes feeling Massie hit that spot. Deep moans and pants came from him and they were beginning to come from Massie as well. Masurao increased his thrusts making them deeper and rougher. Daisuke couldn't get enough as he and Massie moaned loudly. The pain of penetration was gone and all that was left was pure pleasure and ecstasy. Massie tensed feeling his peak as he thrust in harder, pushing himself in deeper. Daisuke moaned out Masurao's name, pleading for him to go faster.

Masurao let out a loud growl then moaned loudly as he came. Daisuke moaned softly feeling Massie come as he completely relaxed into the ground beneath him. Massie pulled out slowly as he fell beside Daisuke letting out an exhale. He gave Daisuke a smirk as he replied, "Heh...enjoy that my uke?" Daisuke blushed harder, if possible, and said, "Of course I did." Daisuke leaned forward gently kissing Massie's lips feeling Massie nip his lip slightly. He smiled breaking the kiss as Daisuke slowly scoots closer to Massie.

"May I?" Daisuke asked as he looks up at Masurao with a questioning look. Massie just grins lightly at him nodding as Daisuke smiles happily, snuggling close to Massie. The angel opened his mouth to let out a loud yawn as he closed his eyes and said, "Masurao..." The anthro looked down at him and replied, "Yes?" Daisuke opened his eyes; looking back up at Massie as he smiles answering softly, "I love you..." Masurao closes the gap between them as he kisses the angel's lips, grinning when he feels the angel kiss back.

"I know you do, now sleep." Masurao replied as he breaks the kiss. In an odd way Daisuke didn't need Massie to say he loved him...well he will eventually (XDD) but for now he was content with the expression and look in the crimson anthro's eyes. Daisuke nodded his head as he snuggled back into the anthro's chest wrapping his arms securely around his waist. Masurao smiles warmly, his arms and tail wrapping around the angel the two of them falling into a content sleep.

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