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Daisuke awoke to the sound of Masurao standing, cracking an eye open he looked up to see the crimson anthro stretching. Daisuke smiled at that, wanting to get up and touch Massie, but he was still worn out from the previous night. Daisuke closed his eyes falling back to sleep in a matter of minutes. When Daisuke woke up again Masurao was gone and Daisuke sighed softly, sitting up as he did so. Letting out a sharp intake of air, he bit his lip gently pressing his hips since they were pretty sore from Massie's roughness. Although he didn't mind...he would get used to it anyway.

Daisuke looked over at the spring wanting to clean himself, but at the same time not wanting to wash the delicious scent and feeling of Masurao away. Daisuke picked up his clothes frowning when he felt that they were still cold and wet. He stood up and said softly, "Well at least I can dry them in the sun now." As Daisuke set his clothes on a branch to dry he heard the bushes rustle, turning around he smiled seeing Massie emerge from them. A blush came to his face as he remembered everything they did last night.

"Finally awake eh, sleeping beauty?" Massie said with a smirk on his face. Daisuke just blushed, nodding his head as he sat down. Masurao was fully clothed, much to Daisuke's disappointment. The two sat there in an awkward silence as Daisuke finally broke it by asking, "So what are we gonna do now?" Massie shrugged licking his fingers of the remaining blood he had gotten from his hunt. Daisuke just let out a soft sigh, closing his eyes as he listened to the things around them.

Suddenly he felt Masurao's warm breath upon him and he opened his eyes to meet golden ones. Daisuke blinked as he began to say, "Masurao what are you—" but was cut off when Massie placed his lips upon his own. Daisuke melted into the kiss, green orbs closing softly as he tilted his head deepening the kiss. Massie wrapped his tail around Daisuke's waist, pushing him forward as one of his hands trailed down Daisuke's hip. Feeling Massie's hand on his bare hip made Daisuke let out a low moan, parting his lips as tongues clashed.

While Massie distracted Daisuke with the kiss; the hand that was on Daisuke's waist began to trail lower until it gently caressed the angel's member. Green optics flashed open feeling Massie touch him gently as they slowly slid closed again. Letting out another moan Daisuke slightly raised his hips, wanting more of the touch. Masurao, smirking at the reaction he got from Dai, repeated the touch this time in a more teasing manner. Daisuke broke the kiss as he panted loudly from the touches he was getting and he squeezed the grass underneath him.

"Masurao..." He moaned throwing his head back as Massie squeezed his steadily hardening member. Daisuke moaned louder, feeling near his peak when Massie stopped...letting out a whine he gazed at Massie with hazy green eyes, silently asking why the anthro had stopped. Masurao gave him a smirk and replied to the unasked question, "In time Dai..." Realizing Massie wasn't going to continue Dai pouted and said, "Damn you." He stood up and retrieved his clothes, which were dry enough now.

"I'm going to find something to eat." Daisuke said with a slight glare in his eyes. Massie just let out a chuckle and nodded his head allowing Dai to go. As Daisuke flew around looking for food his mind reeled with thoughts, "Why does he have to tease me so much? Man stupid Masurao!" Daisuke let out an irritated sigh flying up into a fruit tree (and i dont kno if they have any of those there, but if they dont oh well this is my world and fic! XP) as he picked some fruit, biting into it angrily. Just because he loved Massie didn't mean he still wouldn't get irritated with him.

When Daisuke got back to the area they were resting at he heard Massie speaking with...females? (Wonder who they could be? Oo) Daisuke came through the bushes and was stunned to find Masurao sitting and talking with two girls. One of them was a dark angel while the other one was a neko-jin. The three of them looked over at Dai once he had arrived and the two girls smiled at him. Daisuke felt extremely embarrassed and even a little jealous.

"Oh Dai, this is Fallen Angel and Kelley. They happened upon this place and asked me for directions but we got a little caught up." Masurao said smirking devilishly at the poor stunned angel boy. Daisuke blinked, snapping himself out of it as he replied, "Oh, um..hello. My name's Daisuke." Fallen Angel and Kelley smiled at him as he bowed to the two of them.

"He's so cute Massie! You scored big time!" The neko-jin, Kelley, said enthusiastically. Fallen Angel nodded her head in agreement as she replied, "Yes and he seems so obedient." Daisuke flushed, sweatdropping since he was far from obedient. Massie voiced this to the girls and gave Dai a smirk when they weren't looking. Daisuke pouted seeing this as he thought, "What is he trying to...wait! He's purposely trying to make me jealous! Bastard!" Daisuke grimaced at this sitting far away from the three of them.

"Daisuke why don't you come sit with us?" Kelley asked, cocking her head to the side innocently. Daisuke had to admit...both Kelley and Fallen Angel were cute, but he was still in love with Masurao. Daisuke smiled apologetically to her and was about to reply when Massie said in a slightly cold and commanding tone, "Come and sit over here." Daisuke didn't want to argue with Massie so he stood up and sat next to them. He gazed off to the side not wanting to watch as Massie flirted with the girls.

After a little while Massie stood and said, "I'll get some decent food for these lovely ladies." He winked at them as the two giggled, blushing at his flirty attitude. Masurao disappeared into the forest then there was silence and Daisuke was slightly glad. All of a sudden he heard Kelley speak to him, "Dai...um if we're making you feel uncomfortable, I'm sorry. Massie was just being so helpful and nice...we didn't mean to ignore you." Daisuke looked into the neko-jin's hazel eyes as she smiled sadly at him, pure worry in her expression.

"It...It's okay. I'm just not used to having girls around here." Daisuke replied blushing. Fallen Angel nodded as she said, "Massie told us that its just you two. He also said you're a very good person." Daisuke blushed furiously staring at the two girls stammering, "H-He really said that?" The two nodded smiling as a smile broke across Daisuke's face.

"Aw, how cute! You should smile more often." Kelley said poking his cheek gently. Daisuke gazed into her eyes feeling slightly fixated as he felt himself leaning forwards closer to Kelley's face. Suddenly his lips met her's as he watched Kelley close her eyes and softly respond to the kiss. Daisuke also closed his eyes feeling Kelley open her mouth slightly to grant his tongue access. He slowly and gently felt around her mouth, tasting hints of sweet mint. Before they both knew it the kiss had ended and they were panting slightly.

"I...um...I'm sorry if that was too sudden." Kelley stammered, her cheeks blushing crimson as she looked away. Daisuke also blushed and replied, "No, it was me...I was the one who kissed you." They both looked each other in the eye laughing as their eyes met. Fallen Angel just stared at the two, shaking her head with a slight smile on her face. Kelley looked over at Fallen Angel and asked in a mischievous tone, "What? Are you jealous?" Fallen Angel blushed sputtering protests as she looked away.

Kelley and Dai just laughed as Kelley gently took hold of Fallen Angel's chin. She smiled at Fallen Angel then said softly, "You know I'm always yours." And thus placed a kiss upon Fallen Angel's lips. Daisuke's mouth dropped open slightly, watching Kelley kiss Fallen Angel then part and turn back to Dai. Kelley blushed and replied, "Oh sorry bout that. I forgot to mention we're bi so yea..." She smiled nervously and asked, "I hope that didn't offend you?" Daisuke shook his head, snapping out of the stupor as he replied, "Oh no its fine. Its just well...I thought you two were straight."

Fallen Angel grinned, wrapping an arm around Kelley's waist as she pulled the neko-jin close to her side. Daisuke blushed as he asked, "Did you um know...about well me and Massie?" They both nodded their heads as Fallen Angel replied, "Yup. One because Massie told us..."

"And two because the minute Massie described you and when you walked in here I knew you were either gay or bi!" Kelley finished happily. Daisuke wasn't sure how to take that so he just smiled and sweatdropped slightly. They all heard the bushes rustle and Massie emerged from them again holding some dead rabbits (aw poor bunnies YY ::sobs:: Im sorry! ::holds a mini funeral for them:: life is so short T-T) and some other food items.

They all made a delicious stew with the things Massie had brought and the water from the spring by them. As they sat down eating Massie suddenly said, "So what's this I hear about you kissing Kel, eh Dai-chan?" Daisuke blushed slightly hoping Masurao wouldn't be angry as he began to stammer apologies. Kelley giggled as she said, "Don't be hard on him Massie, he doesn't love me like he loves you. Anyway I already have somebody I love." She looked at the girl sitting next to her, giving Fallen Angel a seductive smile. Massie let out a laugh, seeing Fallen Angel blush.

"Oh don't worry Kel, I won't be 'too' hard on Dai." Massie replied as he gazed into Daisuke's eyes. The alluring look held Daisuke captive and he let out a surprised yelp when Massie reached behind him and grabbed his ass. Massie licked Daisuke's cheek whispering in a seductive tone, "You like that, huh." Daisuke blushed harder nodding his head as he closed his eyes in embarrassment. Suddenly Massie kissed him and the whole world melted away with that kiss. Before he knew it Massie had ended the kiss and pulled away grinning at the flushed angel.

"Boys kissing is so hot!" Kelley exclaimed grinning widely. Massie chuckled and replied, "True, that turns me on and so does girl on girl." He stared at the two with those same alluring golden eyes as Kelley hugged Fallen Angel. Fallen Angel tilted Kelley's head up as the two met in a passionate kiss. Daisuke could see why Massie liked watching it so much...it was pretty hot. (XDD) The two girls parted smiling at the boys then got back to their dinner.

"So tomorrow we'll escort you two ladies to wherever it is your going and make sure the two of you get there safely." Masurao said with a smirk on his face. Kelley and Fallen Angel nodded then since it was pretty late, the three of them decided to get some rest while Massie kept a look out. Kelley tossed and turned though, her eyes constantly shifting over to Daisuke. She didn't love him...but she liked him. Although Kelley kept wanting to feel him...and it wasn't like she and Ishmeal could do anything like that.

"I wish we could though." Kelley thought letting out a soft sigh. She stood up then walked over to the spring and sat down next to it. Kelley gently moved the water around with her finger, her mind filled with so many thoughts. She heard someone sit next to her and looked over to see Masurao sitting there.

"What's wrong?" He asked. Kelley bit her lip looking back at the water as she replied, "Nothing..." Massie let out a, "Uh huh?" obviously not believing her when she said this. Kelley blushed then replied, "Well its just that...I've never well done anything with a guy before...to tell you the truth Daisuke was my first kiss I've ever gotten from a guy." She was blushing even harder now as she let out a sigh and continued, "I've been wondering...what it was like to..well you know-"

"Have sex?" Massie finished for her. Kelley nodded her head and replied, "Y-Yea...and well I 'like' Daisuke and if Fallen Angel were a boy I would gladly do that with her, but yea..." She looked up at Massie, green eyes full of concern and confusion. Massie gave her a warm smile and said, "Well if you want, you can have some fun with Dai." Kelley's blush increased as she stammered, "F-For real? I hope he doesn't get mad at me or anything." Massie just smirked and replied, "Don't worry, I'll take care of that for you." He stood up, holding out his hand for Kelley then he helped her up. They walked over to where Dai was sleeping and Massie prodded the angel with his foot.

"Hey Dai, wake up." Massie said kicking him lightly. Daisuke groaned opening his eyes to look up at them. He sat up rubbing his eyes and asked groggily, "Wha..what do you want Masurao? I'm trying to sleep." Massie growled low in his throat as he grabbed Daisuke by the waist and began carrying him off. Kelley followed as they stopped just a little ways from their camp. Massie dropped Daisuke on his ass as he said, "Listen Dai, Kelley here wants some action." Daisuke blushed as he sputtered, "What? I-I mean...? Wait well she has Fallen Angel right?"

Kelley nodded but explained the same thing she had said to Massie to Dai. Daisuke did feel sorry for them since they were girls and couldn't really ever 'do' each other like boys could. Daisuke looked up at Massie and said, "But you still can't force me to do this—" Massie leaned down and whispered in Dai's ear with that alluring tone, "Do this for Kel Dai, and I swear I'll give you another night to remember." Daisuke shuddered with pleasure from this tone and he smiled slightly. Daisuke nodded as Massie gave him a smirk then left the two alone.

"So um...what do we do first?" Kelley asked blushing as she stood there kicking the ground, finding it very fascinating. Daisuke blushed as well as he replied, "Uh well...first we gotta undress..." So the two began to undress, sneaking peaks at each other when one wasn't looking. Daisuke had to say...Kelley was cute and had a nice body. He did like Kelley and didn't mind that much anymore about 'doing it' with her.

"What do we do now?" Kelley asked once they were fully naked. Daisuke thought back to last night and how he and Massie did it. Daisuke gently took Kelley's wrist and replied, "How bout I show you, instead of tell you." Kelley nodded, her eyes full of compassion and a hint of nervousness. Daisuke knew she was scared, hell he was pretty scared the first time he and Massie did it, but after the few seconds it felt wonderful. So to put Kelley's mind at ease Daisuke started it out with a kiss, a soft gentle kiss that slowly began to get more passionate.

Soon Kelley was on the ground with Daisuke lying on top of her. One of his arms around her waist while the other one rested on her hip. Kelley's arms were latched around Daisuke's neck, pulling him closer each time. Daisuke felt himself harden as his hand brushed her skin, hearing Kelley let out a low moan. Daisuke broke the kiss as he told her, "This might hurt, but bear with me okay?" Kelley nodded closing her eyes as Daisuke prepared her for his entry. He didn't want to hurt her, so foreplay was the best this time.

Once Daisuke had Kelley prepared he positioned himself just right, then looking into her eyes he silently asked her permission. Kelley nodded smiling as she did so then let out a loud gasp as Daisuke slid inside her. Kelley screwed her eyes shut clenching the grass as she moaned loudly feeling Daisuke pull himself out then slide back in. Daisuke slowly began to pick up the pace as he increased his thrusts. His hands on Kelley's hips as the two of them moaned in unison. After one final thrust Daisuke came then he gently pulled out of her and rolled onto his side. They both panted, breathless from all of that.

"Daisuke..." Kelley said softly. He looked over at her and replied, "Hm?" She smiled at him reaching out and brushing a few strands of hair out of his face then whispered, "Thank you." She leaned over kissing him softly. The two of them cleaned up a bit then put back on their clothes returning to the campsite. Kelley immediately went over to Fallen Angel, cuddling up by her side as she fell asleep. Daisuke went and sat under the tree Massie was sitting in. He looked up at the crimson anthro smiling as he fell asleep as well.

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