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Daisuke awoke when he heard Masurao jump down from the tree he had been sitting in. He watched as Massie took off to hunt and since it was obviously early Daisuke went back to sleep. When he woke up again, Daisuke decided to go get some food too not sure if Massie would be back before him. He looked over at Kelley and Fallen Angel smiling as he left the area.

Kelley woke up with her limbs still slightly sore from the previous night. She sat up stretching as she looked out at the water. Kelley stood walking to the waters edge and decided to take a bath since she hadn't had a decent one in days. Stripping quickly, Kelley slid into the water as she dunked herself under quickly getting her whole body wet. Standing back up she flicked her ears and tail, frowning slightly at the water irritating them.

After a little while Fallen Angel awoke and saw that Kelley was bathing. A grin crossed her face as she silently stood then hovered over to the neko-jin in the water. She wrapped her arms around Kelley's waist dropping into the water behind her. Kelley tensed suddenly, but relaxed when she felt the familiar touch of her lover. Fallen Angel grinned and said, "Tense, aren't we?" Kelley blinked and replied, "Just surprised me, that's all. Sorry you know how I am when people sneak up on me."

Fallen Angel nodded as she nuzzled her cheek against Kelley's, relaxing the neko-jin. Kelley smiled as she snuggled back into Fallen Angel's chest. Fallen Angel grinned as one of her hands slowly went down to Kelley's crotch, pushing up into her opening. Kelley's eyes widened, falling closed as she let out a groan feeling the slight pain from the previous night. She bit her lip wriggling away since she still hurt down there.

"What's wrong?" Fallen Angel asked with concern in her voice. Kelley turned to face her as she bit her lip, wondering how to tell her lover about what happened last night. Kelley let out a sigh as she finally said, "Um well…last night um…Daisuke and I…we—" Fallen Angel raised an eyebrow as she replied, "Had sex?" Tears filled Kelley's eyes, biting on her lip as she nodded her head. Kelley was stunned when Fallen Angel hugged her, tilting her chin up as she kissed the neko-jin's lips softly.

"What…? But I thought you'd be mad…" Kelley stammered as she looked up into Fallen Angel's eyes. Fallen Angel smiled as she replied, "I know that you don't love Daisuke, I don't blame you for wanting to at least have sex one time, you know. I want to do that with you…but of course we can't." Fallen Angel brushed some of Kelley's hair out of her eyes, kissing her forehead gently. Kelley let out a sigh of contentment hugging her lover close.

The two met in a passionate kiss, as Fallen Angel gently pushed her fingers into Kelley's opening. They were suddenly interrupted when a familiar voice spoke, "Man you two are getting me really hot." The two girls flushed pulling apart as they looked over at Massie who was sitting by the water, smirking playfully at them. They blushed even harder as Kelley asked, "H-How long have you been there?" Massie shrugged, grinning as he replied, "Long enough." Kelley pouted as she took Fallen Angel's hand leading her out of the water.

Kelley quickly got dressed, then the two girls went over to Massie and sat down beside him. Kelley scowled slightly as she asked, "How come you watched us?" Massie shrugged and replied, "Because I enjoy watching that." Kelley let a smile come to her face as she said, "Well then I wanna watch you and Dai do something." Massie glared at her and Kelley stuck out her tongue, laughing playfully at him. Taking advantage of her open mouth Masurao quickly leaned forwards capturing Kelley's lips with his, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Kelley let out a soft moan allowing Massie to feel around her mouth with his warm tongue and he bit down on her tongue; tasting the metallic blood.

He slowly pulled away, breaking the kiss giving her a smirk. Fallen Angel raised an eyebrow pouting slightly at this. Massie saw this and said, "What? You jealous?" Fallen Angel opened her mouth to protest, but as Masurao had done with Kelley he took advantage of that and kissed her. He also bit down upon her tongue, tasting her blood as well then parted. The two girls were blushing like crazy and could barely speak. Finally Daisuke came back with some food for them.

Seeing the expressions on the girls faces he cocked his head and asked Massie, "What they hell happened to them?" Masurao just smirked and replied, "Nothing." Daisuke rolled his eyes, guessing that Massie had obviously done something to them. Daisuke scowled slightly at Massie as he thought, "I hope he didn't grope them or anything like that." (Hmmm…a threesome with Massie XD ::thinks:: sounds kinky XP) Once they were finished eating they all stood up, ready to leave.

The four of them marched off, Massie of course in the lead as the three followed. When night started falling they all stopped to make camp. Kelley shivered as she said, "Me and Fallen Angel are gonna go get some firewood! Be right back!" She tugged on Fallen Angel's sleeve pulling her along as they left the area. Daisuke shifted as he looked over at Massie, who was just sitting staring off into space. Daisuke let out a soft sigh; closing his eyes as he did so relaxing slightly against a tree.

Suddenly he felt Masurao pin him against the tree and his green optics flashed open meeting the golden ones. Daisuke opened his mouth to speak, but Massie placed a finger on the angel's lips silencing him. With one hand he placed it on Daisuke's neck while the other one wrapped around Daisuke's waist. Daisuke's eyes slid shut at the feeling of Massie's skin touching his neck, letting out a low moan as Massie caressed it. Massie smirked removing his hand and replacing it with his lips instead.

Daisuke's moans increased as his arms wrapped around Massie's waist bringing the anthro closer. Massie nipped at the angel's neck, earning another moan from the boy. He smirked, liking Dai's reaction, repeating it. Massie stopped for a minute to say, "Looks like I've found a soft spot." Massie continued to kiss, nip, and suck at the boy's neck making the angel frantic with passion. Massie's eyes flashed black as he suddenly sank his fangs into Daisuke's neck.

Daisuke groaned at this, biting his lip, trying his best not to show the pain. He could feel Massie drinking his blood, could feel the way it traveled from his neck into the anthro's mouth. As Massie did this Daisuke's eyes became slitted and crimson. Suddenly Massie stopped, Daisuke's eyes returning to normal as he did. Massie pulled back licking his lips as he smirked at the angel. Dai blinked as he gazed up at Massie; feeling slightly light-headed from the blood loss.

"H-How come you did that?" Daisuke asked. He wasn't angry, just curious as to why the anthro bit him. Massie smirked and replied, "Because now everybody knows you're MY slave, no one may touch you without my permission." Daisuke couldn't help but blush at that, feeling oddly flattered. Daisuke put his hand on the mark, feeling the wetness of Massie's saliva and the teeth marks.

"That felt…so weird. Like I could 'feel' you sucking out my blood and it was like my mind went all fuzzy and warm. I've never felt like that before…?" Daisuke said with confusion in his voice. Masurao just grinned at him, leaning forwards touching his lips to the mark. Daisuke shuddered with pleasure, his heart racing and his cheeks flushing deep red. Massie pulled back and just as he did Kelley and Fallen Angel arrived.

"We got the firewood!" Kelley said happily, then she noticed the positions Massie and Dai were in. She blushed as she stammered, "O-Oh! I'm sorry, did we interrupt you guys?" Fallen Angel blushed noticing this too as she said, "Um we'll leave for a little longer if you want us too." Massie got off of Dai, shaking his head as he replied, "Nah, its okay. We just finished." Kelley smiled as the two girls brought the firewood over. They set it down on the ground as Massie made fire appear in his hand.

They ate dinner then decided to get some rest. That night Kelley tossed and turned, her mind full of thoughts and nightmares. She finally decided to stay awake a while as she sat up, hugging her knees to her chest. Letting out a sigh, Kelley's eyes drifted up towards the sky. Stars dotted the entire black sky as the moon shone down faintly. Kelley suddenly heard Fallen Angel shift, listening as her lover sat up then asked her, "What are you doing up?"

Kelley sighed again as she replied, "I couldn't sleep…for some reason I keep having nightmares." Fallen Angel wrapped her arms around the neko-jin, pulling Kelley back into her warmth. Kelley immediately relaxed in the arms of her lover as she snuggled closer. Fallen Angel gently stroked one of her cat ears, causing Kelley to let out a soft purr. Abruptly, Kelley stopped purring as she sat up looking over at Daisuke. Fallen Angel looked over to him as well, the two girls noticing that he was mumbling in his sleep with a pained expression on his face.

"Maybe we should wake him up." Kelley whispered, sitting up reluctantly. Fallen Angel frowned slightly as she replied, "I don't know, Kel. He might not want us to." Kelley pouted as she stood up saying, "If it were me, I would as hell want someone to wake me up." So Kelley began walking over to Daisuke, Fallen Angel walking beside her. The two girls kneeled next to Daisuke as Kelley reached out, gently shaking his shoulder. Daisuke's eyes shot open as he sat up quickly, his breath coming out in sharp gasps.

"D-Dai…Are you okay?" Kelley asked with concern. His eyes shifted over to her and Fallen Angel as he let out a relieved sigh. Daisuke nodded his head and replied, "Y-Yea…I just had a nightmare that's all." Kelley smiled sadly as she reached out gently moving Daisuke's bangs away from his face, saying, "Looks like I'm not the only one having a hard time sleeping." Daisuke blinked in confusion as he cocked his head slightly then asked, "You mean you're having nightmares too?" The two girls nodded as Fallen Angel replied, "Yea, she can't get to sleep because of them too."

Kelley pouted snuggling close to her lover as Fallen Angel smiled, wrapping an arm around the neko-jin's waist. Daisuke smiled at the two, feeling slightly envious at their close relationship and love. Daisuke rested against a tree as he replied, "I'll be fine. Try and get some rest you two." The two girls nodded, standing up and walking back over to their spot. They lied down as Kelley snuggled close to Fallen Angel looking up into her eyes.

"I don't want to go to sleep." Kelley said softly. Fallen Angel nuzzled her nose with Kelley's, smiling slightly at her love. She kissed the neko-jin's lips, pulling away before she could respond and said, "I know you don't, but try to get some rest okay? I'll be here the entire time, holding you." Kelley smiled as she asked, "You promise?" Fallen Angel chuckled lightly and replied, "I promise, love." Kelley leaned forwards, sealing that promise with a kiss. They parted then cuddled close to each other, content in the warmth of each other's bodies.

It was very early in the morning when Kelley awoke. She hadn't gotten much sleep so she still felt tired. Kelley looked up at the tree Masurao was in and she smiled slightly. She carefully stood up, trying her best not to disturb her lover as she walked up to the tree. Kelley knocked against the wood as she said, "Ne Massie, can you come with me to find some food?" Massie looked down at her, giving Kelley a shrug but jumped down from the tree anyway.

The two wandered a little ways from the campsite and set up a trap for animals. They caught one almost instantly as Kelley walked up to the trap, bending down to pick up the dead animal. Massie, who was right behind her, grinned and grabbed her hips thrusting himself against her. Kelley's eyes widened at this, allowing a moan to pass through her lips. Massie let her go as Kelley turned around the dead animal in her hand, blushing brightly.

"You know, you should do that to Dai-chan. He's the one who loves you." Kelley said as they began walking back to the campsite. Masurao shrugged as he replied, "I know, but it's obvious you liked that." He gave her a grin as Kelley blushed harder and said, "Well obviously! I mean I'm still a girl and I can't help but like that." She pouted slightly as Massie grinned, chuckling at her. He suddenly placed his hand on her head and said in a velvet tone, "Don't worry about it, I'd never think of stealing you away from Fallen Angel. I can see how much you love her."

Kelley blushed looking up at him as she quickly averted her gaze and nodded her head. They got back to the campsite and started to make breakfast. Fallen Angel woke up and Kelley went over to wake up Daisuke, who was usually awake before them. She kneeled beside him and leaned forwards. Her eyes suddenly caught a glimpse of something purple on his neck and Kelley's eyes widened slightly. She snapped herself out of it, gently shaking Daisuke awake. He groaned opening his eyes and stretching as he woke up.

"Hey Dai-chan…um what's that on your neck?" Kelley asked, playing innocent. Daisuke blushed as he quickly covered up the mark, standing up he replied, "Its nothing!" Daisuke hurried over to where the others sat and Kelley giggled, seeing that her guess was right. Kelley joined the others and they all ate then moved on. Since Kelley was extremely tired she kept stumbling and yawning.

Masurao stopped as he asked, "Didn't you get any sleep last night, Kel?" She nodded her head, another yawn escaping her lips. The three looked at each other then back to Kelley. The neko-jin wrapped her arms around Fallen Angel as she whined, "Nyao…can you carry me? Please?" Fallen Angel sweatdropped slightly and without warning picked Kelley up bridal style. Kelley let out a squeak as she wrapped her arms loosely around Fallen Angel's neck. She shifted around a bit then snuggled her face into her lover's shirt.

"There, comfy?" Fallen Angel asked smiling lightly at Kelley. The neko-jin nodded her head letting out a content sigh. So they all started going again and Kelley managed to fall asleep in Fallen Angel's arms. That night they all stopped to make camp, Daisuke & Massie going off to find food. Fallen Angel lied Kelley down as she kissed her lips softly.

Grinning, Fallen Angel slipped a hand inside Kelley's skirt feeling under her clothes. She was delighted to hear a soft moan come from her lover when she pushed a finger into her opening. Kelley's green eyes opened groggily as she gazed at her lover. She opened her mouth to speak, but Fallen Angel bent down quickly sealing Kelley's lips with her own. Moving her finger in and out of the neko-jin's body the two kissed fervently.

Kelley let out a groan, breaking the kiss as she whispered, "Gentle…" Fallen Angel nodded her head and replied, "Sorry love." She lessened the pressure earning a moan from her lover. They suddenly heard a noise over in the bushes, but were too busy kissing to really pay attention. Masurao and Daisuke emerged from the bushes, instantly hearing the moans from the two girls.

Daisuke blushed bright red, averting his eyes while Massie grinned continuing to watch the two. Daisuke frowned slightly, not liking how Massie didn't give them privacy. Daisuke was startled out of his thoughts when Massie said, "Hey you two, can we join in?" The two girls parted looking over at them, bright blushes coming to their faces. Fallen Angel quickly pulling her hand out of Kelley's skirt and Kelley sat up hiding behind her lover.

"Massie you perv!" They both yelled, scowling at him. Massie just chuckled as Daisuke rolled his eyes and began walking towards the girls. Massie suddenly grabbed Daisuke around the waist, pulling him back into his strong chest. Daisuke's green eyes met the golden ones as he blushed. Massie grinned and asked, "Jealous aren't we?" Daisuke looked down at the ground replying, "No, its just…"

Before Daisuke could finish his sentence, Massie tilted his head up placing a rough kiss on the boy's lips. He pulled away quickly, giving the angel a teasing smirk as he walked away. Daisuke just stood there with a flushed and stunned face, wishing Masurao had gone on.

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