In Love With The Man You Could Be

Laying on the floor, I play over the past five years in my mind

Searching for answers, the truth something that I'm unable to find

Feeling the tears stream down my face,

I remember your touch, your deep blue eyes, your taste

My breathing shallows, my heart breaking more with each breath

Even after all you've done I still love you to death

I love the man I want you too be

Someone that made plans for our future. Someone that loved me unconditionally.

My heart is growing weak

Thinking of the past and all your deceit

Your apologies are fake, intermixed with all the lies that you chose to make

There's nothing that you can do, it's over between me and you

I try not to be bitter and realize I ended this for the better

I am in love with the man you could be,

The person you are now, is not worth it too me

I strive for happiness, I can't handle anymore of the sadness

When we speak I find myself still falling for you

We're playing our games again, I know you see it too

I want to be free from all ties, after all these years I'm the only one who still cries

I want you, I hate you it's hard to decide

Laying on the floor, I play over the past five years in my mind

I can't live this life and be your fool too

Please God give me strength to get over you