Seven Eyes

The eternal seven eyes,
the tree of life of man.

Lamb severed from heaven,
dying on the plate of hate.

Skewered heart of the divine,
Holy blood to unholy lust.

Child in distress and lost.

Seven holy eyes,
seen the present and past-
Holding the future hostage.

Seedling seething seemingly unabashed,
timidly wraps his hands around the past.

Fingers grasping tightly the door,
mourning his innocence-
Clutching the gun-
Burning for answers of his loss.

And still the boy- never moving,

'For what purpose was I brought,
If only one way, no choice, was I given.'

Barrel to the Temple of divinity.
Teeming hatred stored within it.

Still the boy lingers, wanting, wondering.
His mind betraying his heart,
His finger tightening the grip on the trigger.

Spent shell on the floor, and her blood-
Her splendor wasted on the floor,
The poor boy torn by yet another loss-
drips down his face as it envelops his skin.

The seven eyes affixed to the seven sins.