For two of the most beautiful people in my life, who will always mean the world to me:

I'll never really be able to tell you how much I care.

Small Tokens

Will you give me your hand today?

Place it in mine, fingers enfolding,

Weaving across the time of space and distance

That stretches across the vast plains of life,

Of you and I, and all that is between.

I know that I can't reach you now

But I'll keep trying until I do.

For now, words will be spoken, words that can't touch,

But will always be true, unfaltering

Still in their steadfast love and faith in you.

These words stand strong and will not fade,

Not into the darkness or the light

That shimmers from your sky. Through the haze of past,

Speak and I will listen with ears intent

That soak and swallow the fears that you hide.

Illuminate and shine, glisten

Like the tears in my eyes that hover,

Waiting for you to run before they can fall.

Let them fall, down from orbs that contained them

As pearls in an oyster still unopened.

These tears are for you, small tokens

Of the love that is never expressed.

Let me try with these words to hold you and care

In a way that will never die, never

Sleep. For you it will live and keep living.

Let me try to move and take you

Away; away from yesterday and

Now, when reaching up to what is yours, denied.

This is yours, this love and this life; take it.

For, held to your beating heart, it is yours.