Evil Love Immortal


Lydia had the perfect life. She was the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect girlfriend, at seventeen years of age she had accomplished much more than could ever be expected from a girl like her. She had a whole wall dedicated to the medals, trophies and letters she had earned throughout her life.

Since she was a small child, Lydia had been her parents biggest success, and she had excelled at everything she was involved with ranging from sports to spelling bees, to selling cookies for the girl scouts when she was little to writing contests, dance competitions and volunteer work in high school, Lydia had never let her parents, peers, teachers or family down.

Lydia was calm, patient, wise beyond her years and had the most impeccable manners that had always won her praises from anyone who met her. She had good posture and never spoke one single foul word her whole life.

In any and every way Lydia was the ideal young lady.


Like you may have heard…

It was too good to be true, because one sunny beautiful Monday morning Lydia's mother awoke to find her perfect daughter in a most imperfect pool of her own blood.