Evil Love Immortal

Chapter 3

The End of Lydia

I walked into my room, carrying a sharp knife and a black pen. I wrote my last entry on my diary, explaining my anguish with my life and my loathing of who I was, they would understand.

I took the knife to my wrists and slit them, I felt the pain, and it satisfied me. I then stabbed myself on the abdomen- I have never felt anything like it, there is no feeling like a sharp object piercing through your skin and organs. I stabbed myself again, making sure to get as much damage done, so i would definitelly die before my mom got home, I wouldn't want them to find me like this and fix me to lock me up in some hospice place somewhere.

I had planned this since the day I had returned. Aldric had told me the rules of turning, and gave me five days to settle business and finish whatever had to get done before I "died" so I made ammends with my enemies, spent lots of time with my family, always telling them I loved them very, very much. I could have killed myself in another way, but I wanted to feel what it is like to die from blood loss.

I sat at the foot of my bed, holding on to my diary as I felt the blood seep from my wounds, soaking my shirt and jacket, where I had cut a deep gash in my abdomen with a kitchen knife. I looked into the damage I had inflicted upon my body and felt lightheaded at the sight. I felt warm, then cold, then nothingness.

I held on to my diary so it was the first thing they would see besides my body, and that's how I want it.

That was the end of Lydia, but the beginning of something much, much better.

Lydia's mother walks in the door. Lydia had appeared a few days after her disappearance. Her parents were so happy to see her again they did not question the events of the night she disappeared. She had acted normal as if she had never left the house for five days without an explanation and the life of the household continued as usual.

Although her mother knew something was amiss, she ignored her instincts and decided to not bring it up.

So this beautiful afternoon she walks in with her other kids from running errands, expecting to find Lydia studying as she usually did. She put away the groceries, and called Lydia down for dinner. After a while she went to check up on her.

She walked up the steps, a bit annoyed that her daughter hadn't come down when called. She walked to the hall, calling out for Lydia. She knocked on her door and opened after she got no response.

She let out a blood-chilling scream that alerted the children. She began sobbing and collapsed to the floor, gasping between great sobs. "OH MY GOD! LYDIA! OH MY GOD!" She walked to her daughter's cold body, weeping. "NOOOO!"

Gabrielle called the police, and soon they cleared out the body and declared the cause of death suicide.

At her funeral there were a great many people, relatives, friends and anybody who had known her.

A two days after her burial, Hewney dug on her grave the hole and watched as Aldric took the body from the coffin, then closed it. Hewney closed the hole again and followed Aldric out of the cemetery and to their hideout in an old warehouse.

There Aldric performed the rituals and brought the body back to life.

Sneak Peek:

Dying wasn't so bad, it was living after you die that is the agonizing part.

I felt pain, scorching pain, in every part of my body, it hurt to move, it hurt to just be. I wished then that I would have died and been spared this horrible pain.

"Your name is no longer Lydia," Hewney said from the side my body wasn't facing. I was in too much pain to turn to him, but I frowned, "what is my name, then?"

"Whatever you want it to be," and although I couldn't see him, I could tell he was smiling.