*frogs and roses*
By Rach*

Once upon a time there was a frog. He lived in a pond. He was a very strange frog because he really like roses. So one day the frog went to the Botanical Gardens to see the roses. But he didnt like it there very much because i suppose once he got what he wanted he didnt want it anymore.
So Rach came and said, "Dun worry Mr. Frog, i know how you feel." Then she went back to her computer and continued writing the story.
And so Mr. Frog went back home to his pond and he turned into a purple frog. And so his friend Ms. Frog took him to the hospital where Dr. Frog took care of him 'til he was better.
Then Mr. Frog died.
"Why did Mr. Frog die!?" Rach asked Dr. Frog when she heard the news.
"He was allergic to roses."