*The Screamin' Idiots*
By Rach*


I remember the first time I saw him.
It was at one of Pricilla's parties. Pricilla always throws parties, they're always good ones, too.
Pricilla's my friend. Well, she's everyone's friend. She threw a party every fortnight, when her parents were away on business trips. Everyone always came, even people from other schools.
She had this huge house - or should I say mansion? - with this massive perfect blue pool out back.
Pricilla always had the local bands playing at her parties. Tonight my friend Ted's band was playing.
The main party area was situated in a large ballroom in the middle of the house.
That's where I saw him.
He was joking around with Ted while plugging in guitars and setting up Ted's drums.
I just stood there for awhile, watching, like an idiot, then Ted saw me.
"Ey, Nadine," He called me over. "This is our new member of the band." I looked at the guy standing beside Ted and he stuck out his hand.
"Brett." He said.
I shook his hand. "Nadine."
"Nads," Ted said and looked down.
"Sorry," I said and let go of Brett's hand. Brett smiled. He had a great smile.
"Okay, we gotta do our thing now." Ted said. I walked away into the lounge, where I could still hear Ted getting behind his drums and taking the microphone.
"Okay, shut up people." The ballroom went quiet. "As some of you may know, Miranda has left the band. But we have a new member, Brett Thomas" - (round of applause) - "Our band is no longer called The Ted, Mark, Miranda and Anthony Show, it is now called The Screaming Idiots." Another round of applause. "We'll be playing our newest song 'I Was Trampled By Wild Stallions'."
They began to play.
I sat down in a big chair by the fire. It was warm and comfortable, all I needed was a pillow and I would have drifted right off.
"Nadii!" My eyes snapped open.
"Ey, Corrie. How's things?"

"Miranda, why don't you rejoin the band?" I asked. Miranda rolled her eyes.
"Anthony, I left. I can't come crawling back like some pathetic slug..." I saw her eyes drift over the other side of the cafeteria, to a table with a short dark-haired girl by the name of Nadine Pinsley.
"Oh, come on Miranda!" I coaxed. "The band sucks without you."
"It sucked with me, too."
"Yeah, but it sucks more now you're gone," I laughed.
"Really, you guys want me to come back?" Miranda asked, disbelieving.
"We really do," I confirmed.
"Well ... Okay." Miranda smiled, but it didn't reach her darkened eyes.


"Hey, shut up people." The crowd went relatively quiet. "We've changed our name again," The crowd groaned. "And we have a new ... Old ... We have added a member to our band!" Cheering and whistling until Ted told them to shut up. "Our new band name is 'The Ted, Brett, Mark, Miranda and Anthony Show!" Round of applause. "And our ... Errr ... Added member is my sexy girlfriend, Miranda Turner! So welcome her back or I'll shoot you." Everyone laughed and clapped. I even heard one person yell, "Welcome back, Miranda, we missed you loads!"
Ted continued. "We will now be playing our new song, 'I Was Almost Killed By Crazy Elephants', and you better like it or I'll shoot you all." Miranda stepped forward and took the mic off Ted.
"Baby? It was funny the first time, but ..." She let it hang, the audience laughed. We began to play, Miranda and I sang.
We rocked.


Ted led us all onto the stage. He took the mic and handed it to Miranda. "Thanks," She smiled. "Okay, I am proud to announce - don't groan - we have a new band name." Inevitable, the crowd groaned. "Oi!" Miranda smiled, a smart cover-up of the darkness in her eyes. The poison was doing its job, slowly, but doing its job. "Anyways," Miranda continued. "We are now called, 'The Screamin' Idiots'." Everyone clapped.
One guy yelled up at Miranda, "Hey, didn't you already have that name?"
"Nope, it was The Screaming Idiots. Now, its The Screamin' Idiots. There's a big difference." Miranda continued. "Thank you, thank you. We wrote a new song, so here's hoping you like it. Its called 'I Ate A Rat To Live'." Miranda stepped back a bit, beside me.
The band played.
Miranda and I sang.
Once again, we rocked.


They talk like they think they mean something. As if maybe their worried tones will get through to me.
Even Ted used to try. Even Anthony. Nadine still does, when she thinks she may catch me off guard. Brett knows there's nothing he can do, so he says nothing. Pricilla either doesn't notice or doesn't care. And Mark? Who knows what goes on in that boys head.
The thing I'd like to know is, what are they all so worried about?


I don't think she notices what's happening. I used to try and get her to stop, but she wouldn't listen, so I gave up.
I guess people would say that if I really cared about her, I'd keep persisting. But I'm not like that okay, if she wants to do it she can. I'm not going to force her to stop.
Now you might say, "But can't you see she's wasting away? Can't you see she's going to die if she keeps this up? Do you even care?" And here's what I'd say: You don't know the full story, man. You don't know what Miranda's been through. She wants to get away, well God I don't blame her.
And now you'll say, "Well, what's so bad about her life that she has the privilege of wrecking it further?" At which point I'd tell you to stick it and then I'd walk away.
Hey, if she wants to do it, she can. Why? How the fuck am I supposed to know, ask her yourself. What's that? Yeah, I know I'm her boyfriend, but I don't know how her mind works. And why are you asking me? You too scared to confront her yourself? No? Sure, and pigs fly. Now mind your business and leave Miranda and me alone before I stick this mic up your arse.


I've noticed he's very protective of me. Why? I honestly don't know. But I don't mind him looking out for me, its kind of sweet. I guess people would call me and Ted and item, I know he does, and I guess we are. Nadine sometimes gives me guilt trips, she tells me Ted loves me more than anything, and how dare I torture him by making him watch me waste away, day by day, pill by pill, needle by needle, joint by joint? She does it when Ted's around, too, so he doesn't think she's being sneaky, going behind his back. I know Ted is at least a bit grateful for that, Nadine giving me a fair chance at defence or something. I mean, if she's going to diss me I think he'd rather she do it in front of him, rather than behind his back.
Their best friends, Nadine and Ted are, but he slapped her once. He slapped her so hard she fell on her arse.
Brett was there, too. He almost ripped Ted's head off I think, he was so mad. Anthony and Mark stepped in right about then, I guess that's a good thing.
But this one question still bugs me. What are they all so worried about? Me? But why? After all, I'm fine.


"She had talent. She was nice. I'll never know her full story, I think only one person remains on this earth that does. But I know she had it rough. And she dealt with it as best she possibly could. She ..." Tears. Nadine stepped down from the podium.
"You guys ... You people ... You'll never know, man. You'll never know." I don't think anyone but Mark knew what he was trying to say. I could tell he was upset though. I could see the lump in his throat. Mark isn't good at expressing himself.
"You ... All you ... Everyone. All of you knew her, maybe only a little, maybe a bit, maybe you never even spoke to her. But you all knew her name. You saw her at concerts. Heard her voice. Brushed past her at school, in the streets, wherever.
"All here today were touched by her. So on her behalf I want to thank you for showing her you care about her enough to cancel appointments or meetings or family get togethers you may have organised prior to this, and come to this memorial. It shows you cared. I just wish you mother fuckers had've shown her you cared while she was still fucking alive." Tears. Anthony was good at expressing himself through words. He made up for Mark. He hadn't been emotional until now, he'd kept his voice flat without feeling, but now he was swallowing and wiping his eyes. He stepped down also.
"I didn't know her very well. I saw her at my parties, but never was close enough to know something was wrong with her. I don't know why I'm up here." Pricilla blushed slightly and stepped down.
"She had a nice voice, I think that's the first thing I noticed about her when I met her." A small laugh escaped Brett's lips. "I got to know her a bit better and I realised she was really nice. She was a lovely girl. Losing her is a greater loss than any of you will ever know." Brett cast a solemn look at me. "Thankyou." Brett stepped down.
My turn. I stepped up onto the podium. Past Brett, Nadine, Pricilla, Mark, and Anthony. Took the mic in my hand. Forced myself to stay calm. Stopped breathing in hope my heart would quit racing. Opened my mouth.
"Hey. I noticed no one mentioned her name. Nadine Pinsley, why not? Mark Hope, you a chicken? Anthony Griffyn, you scared to speak a dead girls name? Pricilla Presley, is that it? Same as Anthony? You scared, too? Brett Thomas, man, I didn't think you'd go so low, and dude, that is pretty low.
"I also noticed no one said how she died. Well, I ain't a low-life chicken. My name is Ted Williams. 'Her' name is Miranda Turner. She died of a drug overdose." I saw some people, if not all, turn away or look at the ground. "Hey, we all knew it was bound to happen one of these days. Look at ya'll sorry pieces of crap, can't say it, can't admit it, can't even hear it. You think YOU'RE sad? I was her fucken boyfriend. I fucken loved Miranda. But I still can stand up and talk about her drug O.D, I can still say Miranda's fucking name. And I accept it. You people don't deserve to be here. You people are too low. Miranda was too unlucky to be stuck with you losers all her life. Miranda is too good for you. YOU'RE ALL STUPID FUCKED UP PIECES OF SHIT AND I AM GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU! HOW COULD YOU FUCKING DO THAT TO MIRANDA, I FUCKING HATE YOU! CREEPS LIKE YOU DESERVE TO BE HUNG UP BY THE BALLS FOR FUCKING A YEAR WITH NO FOOD!"
I was screaming now, tears streaming down my face. I'd dropped the mic and it clattered noisily on the ground. I didn't care. I didn't need it anymore. I felt a hand on my arm. Miranda? I looked. Nadine.
"Its okay." I swear, I almost hit her. She hugged me and I sobbed like a loser, and Nadine patted my back like I was some kind of whining baby, and hugged me and said, "Its okay," and, "Shhh..." I don't know how many times.
And I don't care.


I remember the first time I saw him. It was at a party, one of Pricilla's many. I think he saw me before I saw him, later on he said he'd seen me the second I walked in the door. Ted had introduced us. His name was Brett, and he was the new member of Ted's band. After their little concert in the ballroom, Brett came to see me.
"Hey." I answered. We talked a bit.

Now I sat at my desk, where my teacher Mrs. Lih, was giving us the "College is harder than high school" lecture. It was a nice opportunity for me to zone out for awhile; I wasn't going to college.

"Hey." I spun around.
"Brett." I said.
"What's wrong?" He asked, concern showing on his face.
"Nothing, just school being shit," I complained.
"You haven't got much more school left though have you,"
"Nope. 'Bout two months or something."

The phone rang, jerking me out of my light sleep. I had the flu. I looked at the clock, it was one twenty-five PM. I'd been asleep way, way too long. I got out of bed and picked up the phone, but what was the point? I couldn't speak beyond a whisper.
"Hello?" I said, my voice weak and raspy in my ears.
"Nadine?" It was Brett.
"Shit Nadine, you sound terrible."
"So do you." A lie.
"You okay?"
"I'm fine, thanks. Its just a flu, nothing special." I laughed and then coughed. My throat felt like I'd swallowed a couple steak knives and they were stuck there, lodged in my throat.
"Hey, who's looking after you?"
"No one. I can look after myself." I laughed.
"Okay, I'll be there in ... Ten minutes."
"Huh? No, no, no, you don't have to, I can look after myself," I repeated.
"I know you can. See you in ten."
"Bye." I hung up and went back to bed.

I heard the knock at the door, I just couldn't be bothered to answer it. But it didn't matter, the door was unlocked. Brett walked into the house and upstairs to my room. Knocked. I had to give him credit for that.
"If you come in its not my fault if you get sick too." I called. Brett came in.
"I don't mind," Brett laughed. He knelt beside my bed. "You okay?"
"Absolutely." I smiled. "Tired, but fine. Thanks."
"Hey I'll let you get back to sleep for awhile okay." He brushed a strand of hair off my forehead.
"Will you stay here?" I asked, maybe a bit too hopefully.
"As long as you want me to."
I laughed. "Forever?"
"Absolutely." He smiled and stroked my hair, I fell asleep again after a short time.

"Oi, Ted." I said and tapped Ted on the shoulder, he was in the garage at his house, chilling with some mates of his.
"Ey, Nadine." He said and hugged me. After Miranda he'd kind of decided to forgive me for whatever it was he was holding a grudge against me for, which is good.
"How are you?" He asked.
"Good thanks, you?"
"Great, thanks." We talked awhile. I checked my watch.
"Damn I better go, I'll see you soon, kay?" I said as I walked back towards my house.

He kissed me.
We were behind my parents cafe, where all the cars and dumpsters are. Not exactly romantic or anything, I'll admit. But he kissed me and I kissed him back and for us the back of my parents cafe with the cars and the dumpsters would do.

I walked back to Brett with two coffee's, set them down and sat next to him. We were at my parents cafe. He kissed me.
"I missed you."
I laughed. "I wasn't gone long."
"Not long is too long."
"Well, that makes no sense..." I kissed him. "But thanks I think. Anyways, you should have come with me."
"I didn't think of that."
"Well, it doesn't matter okay, coz I'm here now."

"Nadine?" He came into the kitchen where I was getting a drink.
"Yeah?" I looked up.
Brett was nervous, I could tell. He walked right up to me and took one hand in both of his. "Will you marry me?"
I dropped the glass on the ground and it broke. "Shit," I got out the dustpan then cleaned it up. When I was done I went into the lounge where Brett was sitting. "Brett, I'll marry you."

My heart skipped a beat, but not the nice feeling. It scared me. We were in the car, going to visit Miranda's grave. It was a year after she'd died. "Hey Brett. I love you." I took his hand.
"I love you too, Nadine," He squeezed my hand.
The car came. It was in the wrong lane. I spun the wheel.

The doctors told me he died instantly in the explosion, without pain. But somehow I couldn't believe them. I know Brett would want me to move on, get a new guy or whatever. But how could I? Brett was the only one for me. Ted was good. He was understanding. He'd been there when he lost Miranda.
Cliched, I know. Maybe my whole life is just a big huge cliche.


Hey .. I know its shit .. I know there's a lot of swearing .. I know there's no plot .. no reason for all that stuff .. etc .. but I WARNED YOU! So get over it.
Its shit because I'm crap. There's a lot of swearing because I've stopped listening to my BBMak CD and started listening to Eminem again. There's no plot because I DON'T DO PLOTS! There's no reason for all that stuff because I don't have reasons for anything that happens okay. I warned you because you deserve to be warned. Get over it because i dont want people to be mad at me lol. It's 3.17 in the morning so if i seem a bitch .. well thats why!

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