Puzzle Pieces

You're driving me crazy night after night

With this insistent beating of two hearts

Telling yourself that this just can't work out

Feeling so strongly but too scared to start

You say you care and make me cry

And then ruthlessly tear me apart..

Can't fight the feeling?

Give in to temption.

Just stop messing around with my heart.

These tables spin in crazy circles

Turning, turning,

Until you get sick

I'm fed up with these games

That I'm too young to be playing

That I don't know if I even want to win

You're driving me crazy night after night

I can't tell with you anymore

And I'm back to everything I thought I'd gotten over

It seems like such a long time ago..

Can't you see I'm willing to take a chance?

I don't know if you're ready to jump

And I can't push you this time

It's so strange how life seems to run in circles

Because I'm going back to the beginning with you

Something we could have had so long ago,

So many times before

Cause things have a funny way

Of sneaking up on you

When everything was just beginning

To fall back into place

And I'm running out of ambition...

And we're running out of time