By Rach*


GYPSY: Tell me an idea for a story.

ROOSTER: I'm not good at stories.

GYPSY: Just look around the room and tell me the first thing you see. ::pause:: or shouldn't i ask!

ROOSTER: Okay, i see a game...

GYPSY: Yeah...?

ROOSTER: Its called...

GYPSY: Its called...?

ROOSTER: Kingpin!

GYPSY: ::laughs:: I'd probably write it about a guy who falls into a sewer and gets taken by bowling pins and then meets the king of the pins.

ROOSTER: ::laughing:: You do actually go into a sewer!

GYPSY: (shocked) Really!? Well, i better get on with the story then! ::laughs::


One day, Joe Bloggs was walking down the street, it was about 3:15 but already the clouds were closing in, making the sky dark. It started to rain.
Joe slipped off the curb and onto the road. A small wave of rainwater ran over his ankles and he lost his balance and fell into the sewer.
He landed in a puddle of black water. Joe got up and looked around. Everything was dark. Joe swore. He heard faint marching, it was growing louder.
Joe ran for it, but the marching was getting louder still.
There was was just enough light to see a herd of pins closing in on him from all sides. Joe had no where to run. He was trapped.
The pins pushed Joe onto his back and marched him into a dimly lit chamber. The chamber smelled like a bowling alley.
Suddenly a spotlight shone from no where and focused its bright white light on a throne just in front of him.
The throne spun around slowly to face him. In the throne was a ... PIN!
"I am Kingpin," the pin said. "King of the pins."
Jow rolled his eyes. "Well, I kind of realised that from your name." he mumbled.
Kingpin frowned. "I was going to ask you to squaredance, but for that I sentance you to a life of polishing the bowling alleys in the world with a toothbrush."
"Need a Soother?" Kingpin offered.
"Yes, thanks." Joe ate the Soother. "-OOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

The End

Tommy, for the very strange idea to this story. Love you.

Toyah, for letting me use the Soother thing and for letting Joe Bloggs in this story!