A knight, part two

Slowly, with his hand guiding me, I walk away.

Advancing from a darkness where only death could stay.

I can leave with him, leave this wasteland of time.

My escape from death and loss of hope, it's all far behind.

I used to hope for this day, but not anymore.

I can now grip his hand tightly and walk thorough the door.

I flinch at first, the light is so strong,

But now that I'm in his world, nothing can go wrong.

At least that's what I hope, secretly inside.

With my warrior's strong arm around me, I feel no need to hide.

So this is the place at the end of my hole,

A place where I can forget, and renew my soul.

I can begin to live again, so long as he's with me.

Coming from a black world, I know there is much for me to see.

There is laughter, smiles, and beautiful voices singing.

At last no more demons, tears, or screaming.

My journey is finally over, I've found the light

And a love to believe in, a world with my knight.