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Prologue; Inner Beast

Somewhere on the border of the Forest of the Night, a lone figure stood, hesitating before stepping between the trees. The figure moved forward, looking around every once in a while before continuing on its journey.

Eventually, the figure stopped outside of a small clearing. Taking a deep breath, it pushed aside a string of brambles and stepped into the dim light.

Another more feminine figure sat in the center of the clearing, looking at the leafy canopy above. The girl was surrounded by a damp section of earth where rain was falling through a hole in the leaves. She was drenched, her clothes plastered to her body and her hair hanging limply over her shoulders.

The male figure stood, entranced by the girl and unable to move. She slowly looked at him, the air charged with emotion. The girl rose to her feet, still standing in the middle of the damp area of earth.

The boy moved forward until he was standing on the edge of the damp circle. Both leaned forward until their lips met directly over the perimeter of the circle. The boy stepped forward once more, so that they were both standing in the circle, and wrapped his arms around the girl.

A bolt of lightning sizzled through the hole in the canopy, and struck the embracing couple as they kissed.

Xalvadora Jynx screamed as she fell into darkness with her love, Eryk L'Angl.

Xavvy woke up alone and cold. Wearily, she sat up, looking around for any sign of her love. She scoured the clearing, but there was no trace of Eryk, or any sign at all that he had ever been there.

The girl made a frightened noise in the back of her throat. Where was her love? Where was her Eryk?

Sobbing, Xavvy ran through the thick trees, heedless of the thorns that tore her clothes and made her bleed. She ran and ran and eventually stopped in another clearing, this one much bigger than the one she had shared with Eryk the night before. Another small cry escaped her throat as she thought of the boy who had left her.

A scream tore through Xavvy's conscious. It was a scream filled with pain and sorrow. The girl stumbled to her feet and ran off in the direction the scream came from. She was running so fast, she nearly tripped over the source of the scream.

The concerned girl put her head against the boy's chest, breathing a sigh of relief as she heard a steady pulse. The boy looked at her with questioning eyes, and she gasped as she recognized Eryk, the boy she had fallen in love with so many years ago.

Eryk whispered, "Xavvy? I woke up and I was here... but I thought I was with you. But you were not here when I woke... and... I was so... so... I thought you had left me alone. So I screamed... and it made you come back!"

Xavvy smiled and brushed his hair off of his handsome face. "I could never leave you. As soon as I heard you scream, I ran, trying to find you. I woke up alone and... felt like you were gone forever."

The two kissed softly, and pulled each other up to their feet. As they started to leave the clearing, something startled Eryk, who jumped in front of Xavvy and hissed. A small squirrel chittered at him from in a tree, so he turned back to the girl, who was staring at him in shock.


Xavvy indicated wordlessly, pointing at something just above his shoulder. Eryk turned his head... and saw a pair of huge black wings growing out of the space between his shoulder blades. The boy looked dazed at the sight of them, but carefully reached around to feel them, hissing when something sharp scratched their surface. He slowly brought his hand in front of his face, and looked in horror at the claws that had replaced his fingertips.

The last thing Eryk remembered before he passed out from shock was the bitter taste of Xavvy's fear...

"Xalvadora" is pronounced zal-va-dora. And her nickname, "Xavvy" is pronounced za-vee.