"Red Tears."

I want the words to stop, "I don't love you." It hurts too much.

I heard from someone I'd never expect.

The person who raised me, the person who made the mean kids shut up.

My mother.

I sit here in my blood and cry not because the cuts hurt.

Not because I'm dying.

Not because I could have lived for so much.

Because those words pierced my heart every day.

Because no matter how I tried to ignore it they just come back to me.

My parents fight every night.

It was my fault, they were fighting about me.

So I made the choice.

As the blood falls on the paper.

I want everyone to know.

My mother didn't love me.

I wasn't smart enough; I was too fat and ugly.

Whatever the reason it doesn't matter now.

Because my mother hated me with all her heart and it hurts.

Where I'm going pain doesn't apply.

Sticks and stones will break my bones and words will hurt me worse.