when you find yourself crying every night,
longing for his touch,
his lips,
his kiss,
his eyes,
his taste,
his smell.
everything and anything about him,
you want it more then anything in the world.
if you could just have one day with him,
you would give everything in the world.
just to be with him.
just to see him,
to hold his hand,
laugh with him,
just be with him.
but you know that it could never happen you find yourself in tears
everynight, simple words pierce your heart.
three simple words, that used to mean everything.
just make your heart ache more.
to a point where you can't stand to breath.
to a point where your just gone.
in a simple fairytale, called love.

as your blood spews on the floor
you know that you can't take anymore.
and the worst part of this fairytale.
is you never got to hear him say
good bye.