Behind the Fake Smile

Chapter 1

Fatal Accident

I was nine years old and I just came home from school. It was a normal day at home. My mom greeted me at the door with chocolate chip cookies, who would have guess that this would be the last time I would see her happy and alive. I took a cookie and went up to my room to start on some homework because that was the routine my mom had me doing. Around 6pm, I had stopped what I was doing to hear my mom screaming downstairs and my father yelling. I quietly went to my parents room and I picked up the phone I dialed 911.

"911 how may we help you?" asked a friendly lady on the other side.

"My father is beating my mom, we need your help." I said.

She asked for my address and I gave it to her. Then I slowly and quietly went downstairs to see what the disturbance was. My mom was on the ground and he was smacking and kicking her. He went into the other room. I ran down the stairs.

"Mom…" I whispered to her so he could not hear me.

"Travis run get out of here." She whispered back.

"No I won't leave you." I said with tears forming in my eyes.

I was sick of the abuse from my father but I was not up to leaving my mom with him. I was only nine but I was a smart little boy. I started to help my mom to her feet. I was determined to get her out of here alive.

"Get away from her!" he yelled coming back into the room.

I looked up at him and he had a gun in his hand. I let go of my mom.

"NO!" I yelled at him.

He took a shot and I got in the way. I slid a few inches and I lay there on the floor bleeding from my stomach. Then I heard three more shots. I heard sirens coming from outside. I heard the car start in the garage. I clutched my stomach and dragged my little body over to my mom. I looked at her lifeless body. She was already dead. I started to sob. I took my hand away from my stomach; it was covered in blood.

A few months later, my father was in prison and I was left abandon. I went from foster home to foster home. Finally, a foster family with a son about my age just a year younger decided they would keep me as long as they could. I fell in love with their family and I loved them, as they were my own. They had an eight-year-old son named Caleb.

A few years later I was still living with them and I couldn't have been happier. I am now 17 years old and a junior in high school. Prom is in a month and I have the most beautiful girlfriend. Her name is Holly Jacobs. We have been dating for 2 years now and I think she is the one for me. I already bought her dress to prom, which I already mentioned is coming up. I was meeting up with her today after school to go out on a little date. Then we were meeting the group up for a drag race. I went to my locker and got my bag.

"Travis." Said Caleb.

I turned around.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Where are we meeting tonight?" he asked.

"The death curve drive." I said.

"What time?" he asked as Holly walked up to me.

"11pm." I said kissing Holly's forehead.

"See you there bro." Said Caleb walking away.

"Hey sexy." Said Holly with a smile on her face.

"Hey I have been thinking about you all day." I said then kissing her on the lips.

I took her home so she could drop off her school things and then I drove home to drop off my things. Then I took her downtown in my car. I parked my car in a downtown parking garage. We walked out of the parking garage and we were on a street corner. I pulled a bandana out of my pocket and put it over her eyes.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Just go along." I said smiling.

I put the bandana over her eyes and tied it. I took her hand and the walk sign came up. I walked her across the street. There was a horse drawn carriage waiting for us. I handed the guy money and I help Holly into the carriage. The horse started to go as we got comfortable. I kissed her on the lips and took off the bandana. She looked around and then looked at me.

"Oh my god Travis!" she said excitedly and smiling.

I couldn't stop smiling. I was happy to see her happy. My life couldn't get any better. When I am with her I forget my past and I just think about my future with her.

After the carriage ride and a candle lit dinner we got into my car. I drove to dead curve drive. I got there and the whole gang was already there. Wesley, Wednesday, Caleb, Jason, and a few others. Wesley and Wednesday were smoking weed. Caleb was smoking a cigarette. Jason was selling his drugs like usual. I parked the car and Holly and I got out. I went over to Jason and grabbed a beer out of the cooler. Holly took some weed from Wednesday and started smoking. I opened the beer and drank it.

"Who's racing who tonight?" I asked.

"You and Jason." Replied Wesley.

After a few beers and smokes of weed, I got into my car. Holly got into the passenger's side.

"Put your seat belt on." I replied.

She put her seat belt on. She always rode with me when I raced. I put my seat belt.

"Ready!" yelled Wesley.

I looked at Holly and she smiled. We were both high.

"GO!" yelled Wesley.

I put my foot on the gas and we went. 60 mph…. 80mph….103mph…. I was a few feet in front of Jason. I turned and looked at Holly.

"TRAVIS!" she yelled.