Raven looked at the sky, unable to sleep and wondering about the new kid. 'Wonder what brought him here,' she thought. 'Cuz he definitely wasn't supposed to be around here.' She turned onto her side, but still sleep wouldn't come. Finally, after about 30 minutes, she stood up and shrugged her sweater on. 'May as well take a walk,' she decided, stretching a bit.

Raven walked out from under the ramp and started to jog, relishing the gently breeze on her face. It'd been a long time since California had had this type of weather. Small breeze, mild heat…it was wonderful. She grinned, running a hand through her hair.

Suddenly, she ran into something…or rather, someone. "Oh god, I'm sorry!" she exclaimed.

"It's alright." Raven looked up to stare at Kenny's visors.

"Oh. It's you." She smiled slightly. "What're you doing out here at this ungodly hour?"

"Same thing you are."

"Taking a walk?"

Kenny nodded. "It's beautiful out, isn't it?"

"Yeah." She looked up at the twinkling stars and the huge, black sky. "I wonder what it's like out there, in outerspace. I mean, is it lonely? Are we the only beings in the universe?" she sighed.

"There are so many questions unanswered."

"Yeah. Yeah, that's right." Raven never took her eyes off the sky, and suddenly, her eyes widened and she pointed into the sky. "What was that?"


"That!" She moved her finger until it rested on a bright, glowing object. "It's not a plane, and stars don't move like that…"

Kenny put his hand behind his neck. "I don't know. UFO, maybe?"

Raven smirked. "Yeah, ri…" She was cut off by a sudden, loud roaring noise as the object fell to Earth. "Shit!" she screamed, running away and pulling Kenny with her. The two ran behind a tree, peering out every now and then at the pummeling thing.

Then, with a loud 'boom', it landed. "Wow…" Raven breathed, coming out from behind the tree. Suddenly, a panel on the side fell down, revealing a glowing interior. They crept closer, cautiously, hardly daring to look in. "You first," she whispered to Kenny.

"No. You."

"No. You're a guy…you're supposed to be braver."

"Ladies' first."

Raven looked at him, exasperated. "We'll go in together."

Kenny nodded, and together, they inched towards the ship. When they were about a foot away, something flew out, conking Raven on the head.

"Ow!" she exclaimed, grabbing at the object. It turned out to be a remote shaped device with 3 little speakers. "What the…?"

Hello, Earthlings

"Who said that?!" Raven looked around wildly, shivers running up and down her spine.


Kenny looked at the tiny object in her hand. "I think it's that."

Raven glanced down. "You sure?"

He's right

She screamed and dropped the talking device, but before it touched the ground, it started to glow and then floated up. Please do not do that again it said, shaking one of its speakers.

"Sorry." Raven craned her neck and stared at the little flying thing. "Say, what are you, anyways?"

I am a Kondrie. You can call me Kon

"Um…what's a Kondry?" Kenny was curious now, too. "And where'd you get the ship?"

Are you not educated in the ways of other lives?

"Um…there aren't any other lives. Not that we know of."

And yet you claim to be one of the smartest beings in the universe Kon had a hint of disbelief in its voice, though it was hard to tell. And it's Kondrie, Kenny, not Kondry

"Hey! How'd you know my name?"

I can read minds. You don't have to say things out loud for me to hear

Oh man, this is bad…that means you can hear whatever you think, right? Raven was worried-she had thoughts that she wanted to keep private.

Not necessarily. You can block me, if you try really hard

Raven grinned. "Good."

Hm Kon turned one of its speakers to face Kenny. You made a wish, right?


And you…you did too, right Raven? She nodded.

"Sort of. Not really, but I guess you could call it a wish."

You both want to explore space?

"Yup," they replied in unison.

I need a crew, and you want a ship. Kenny and Raven's hearts were thumping with hope. How would you like to come with me? I can also teach you

"Sure!" Raven exclaimed, her face shining. But Kenny was more careful.

How do I know you're not against us Earthlings? How do I know you're not here to hurt us, or do experiments, or whatever? he thought.

Kon spread its speakers in what they would later know as a grin. Ah, young one. Us Kondrie pride ourselves with our vast knowledge of the universe. We are peaceful, until someone attacks us

Then how do I know that we haven't attacked you?

Raven's mind came in. Silly…if we don't even know about them, how the hell are we supposed to attack them? Then, after awhile… WOW! I heard you guys' minds!

Yes. That is one of my abilities. If I wish, I can make it so that you can all hear each other's thoughts

Oh shit…

But you can always tell me to stop

"That's good."

Kenny turned to look at Raven. "Just exactly how many 'private' thoughts do you have? I mean, if you didn't have all that much, then what's so bad about us hearing them?"

"KENNY! Shut up! You've only known me for a day…how do you know what I think and what I don't think?" But just to let you know, half of them would emberasse me to death if anyone heard them



Ah, shut up Kon

As you wish There was a pause. So, are you two going to come with me?

Raven looked at it as if though it were crazy. "Well, duh!"