Peer Pressure

I feel like I'm drowning

I can't get away.

I'm floating in nowhere,

What can I say?

I'm always so lonely,

I feel like I'm lost.

Left out of the fun.

Left out in the frost.

My friends are all happy,

They think I am to.

So how can I tell them,

That's completely untrue?

I pretend that I'm listening,

When really I'm not.

I'm afraid to contribute…

What kind of thought?

They go to their parties,

And laugh at their jokes.

They think that I'm like them,

But it's all a big hoax.

I don't like their games,

Or the things that they do,

I get so confused,

What do I do?

Sometimes their right,

And sometimes their wrong,

But why am I feeling,

That it's taking to long?

Deep down inside me,

I know who is right.

That I've made the right choice,

I've fought the good fight.

Yet I still wonder…

Shouldn't I try?

Do what their saying,

Live their whole lie?

The struggle will be there,

Day in, and day out.

But I've made the right choice,

That I don't doubt.

Let me know what you think!