The Daylight Hours of Our Progression from Birth to Death
Episode 614: The Flight of the Bogus Bride

"No, Johnny, you don't understand. Rock has me between himself and a hard place; if I marry him or not, he will take everything. At least as his wife, I might be able to share–"

"No, Arbella. I can't let you do this!"

"You must Johnny, for the sake of the baby and your mother, you must."


"Johnny, don't be a fool. Don't make this harder than it already is."

"It's not hard; it's so very, very simple. I love you, you love me. I will fight for you. "My brother won't get away with this!"

"He already has, so stop it, please stop it. Catherine will never forgive you if you tear the family apart."

"Why are you giving up without even making a stand? What have they said to you?"

"Nothing, they haven't said anyth–"

"I don't believe you! Did they tell you about Natasha? Is that what this is about? That's ancient history, she meant nothing to me!"

"Johnny . . . I don't care. I just don't care, about anything, I'm too tired. Leave me. Now."

"This isn't over, Arbella. I'll find a way."


door closes

"How could I be such a fool? Why didn't I tell him when I had the chance? How can Johnny be so blind that he can't see I love Blaine, the unknowing father of my child?"

"Child, what's the matter? You look so pale."

"It's Johnny, Catherine. I don't think the wedding is going to stop him; he's like a madman!"

"He is a madman"


"At the age of five he was diagnosed with psychosis."

"Catherine! Why didn't you tell anyone?"

"His father and I wanted him to live a normal life!"

"That's very noble, but now he's endangering my life and the life inside me."

"You're pregnant, Arbella?


"And is it Johnny's?"

". . . No."

"And you haven't told him."

"I can't; he scares me! At first I was flattered by the attention of such a powerful man, but now his attention has turned to obsession. I'm frightened, Catherine!"

door opens

"Just stopping by, mother – You!"

"Hello, Rock."

"What are you doing here? I said I would go through with this farce only if you never went near my family again!"

"Rock, be quiet. I invited her here myself, son."

"Don't bother, Catherine, I was just leaving anyway. Are you ready to play your part tomorrow, Rock?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, my darling fiancé! Know this, Arbella; I would fly to the moon and back if it meant keeping your cold, conniving little mind away from my family!"

"I understood the first time you said it, Rock. And all the others! I'll see you at the church."

"And do you, Arbella Christina Lydia Kenneth, take Rockwell Bartholomew Mathers III, to be your lawfully wedded husband?"


door slams

"I object!"

"You're too late, Johnny!"

dress rustles

"Oh my goodness!"

"She just collapsed!"

"Arbella! Arbella, are you alright?"

"Somebody call an ambulance!"

"The situation looks grim, Doctor Hart. There should be some signs of consciousness by now."

"I'll take a look at her, nurse."

door opens and closes

"Miss Kenneth? Miss Kenneth, if you can hear me please show some sign. Just move a finger, or toe, even an eyelash, anything! Oh, Arbella, please wake up."

". . . Blaine?"

"Arbella! … You fainted during your wedding, you've been in the hospital for six hours, and now you are conscious, you are in perfect health and can leave."

"So cold, Blaine? Is that all the greeting you have for me, a professional prognosis? The last time we–"

"Don't remind me of that night!"

"Why not? What happened that night was beautiful. It was the best night of my life!"

"It shouldn't have been. We broke every one of the rehab's rules, and for what? A few moments of pleasure?"

"It was more than a few! You said you loved me, I remember–"

"I'm surprised you do. I have no memory of what happened after we found that stash of valium."

"So you don't know that we . . . the baby! Is my baby alright?"

"As I told Johnny, the baby is fine."

"Johnny's here? Oh no! Why did you tell him that?"

"The father has a right to know."

"Johnny's not the father!"

"I'm sorry, I just assumed . . . So, that's why you were marrying Rock so fast."

"Rock?! You think – are you crazy! Rock hates me. Rock wouldn't touch me with a ten-foot barge pole let alone do ... that."

"So whose is it?"

"I haven't told the father. I suppose it doesn't matter anymore now that I've married Rock."

"As I hear it you haven't. You didn't finish your vows."

"What?! And Johnny's right outside! I was a fool to think it would work anyway. Marrying his brother wouldn't stop Johnny. The only way I could ever escape him is if I . . . died. Blaine, you have to help me. You have to go out there and tell everyone you're sorry, you did everything you could, but you couldn't save me."


"You have to say I'm dead. It's the only way; don't you see?"

"But it's ridiculous, risky; I'd be gambling away my professional reputation."

"Please, Blaine!"

"Give me one reason. One reason why I should do this for you."

"The baby is yours."

"Here's your club soda"

"Thank you. Fiji is beautiful; are you sure we can't stay here?"

"Yes, we have to keep moving. But I think I have found the perfect place. No one will ever find us there and you can have your baby in peace."

"Blaine, you are too good to me."

"I could be better. Arbella, will you marry me?"

"I though you'd never ask!"

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes, with all my heart."