I walked slowly down the halls of the almost empty hallways, my light brown hair flowing down my back. The color, I despised it. It was bland and repulsive. My repugnance with the color only added to my hatred with my hair altogether. It wasn't curly it wasn't straight it was just… there. Draping over me like a blanket of vast ugliness.

Maybe if I hadn't been thinking about my hair right then I would have noticed the foot stretched out in front of me as I walked down the stairs. Maybe if I had seen it I wouldn't have fallen down two flights of stairs, but unfortunately I was too busy with my hair to notice and it ended as you may have guessed.

As I toppled down the first flight of steps I hit each part of my body at least once. But I realized my "journey" wasn't complete as I turned a sharp practically impossible corner and continued down the next flight. Striking each already tender body parts again. I winced at each bump until finally it was over and I lay sprawled over the ground until I heard footsteps behind me.

Hoping not to draw anymore attention to myself, I tried to sink deeper into the concrete floor, (he he not going to happen).

"Tera, you'd better watch it next time!" sneered an arrogant voice, "You almost hurt my foot."

Dammit! I thought, I should have thought he'd have something to do with this

"Brendan fuck off!" I muttered angrily at the figure beside me

"Aww Tera I'm hurt I just wanted to wish you a happy summer!" he replied in a mock hurt voice

He lowered his arm towards me attempting to grab my arm and lift me up.

"Why the fuck are you trying to help me up?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well I want to know if you're really as easy as Jake says. Maybe you could jump me now you little slut!" he said with a smirk

At the word slut I lost it. I punched him in the cheek.

"I am not a fucking whore you bitch!" I screamed angrily as my fist made contact with his nose. "And if you ever call me one again I will fucking kill you! Do you understand?" I threw another punch, this time to his stomach. By this point we had drawn a crowd. So I knew it was time to leave.

I grabbed my bag and my scattered belongings and started down the hall, towards the door. Nothing could stop me now. Last day, last steps, last look and I'd be gone.

Nothing can stop me n…

"Ms Davids, my office now."

Dammit! Not now.