Derrick's POV

What the heck is Chris doing with Michelle? I thought we were best friends but apparently not. Best friends don't move in on the girl you're interested in. I trusted him, told him things I never told anyone. He knows I'm into Michelle yet there he is, laughing and flirting with her in that coffee shop.

Here I am doing my laundry across the street and what do I see outside the window? Chris and Michelle acting way too friendly with each other. I guess she's only rude to me, but anyone else has potential. But my best friend? Maybe she isn't worth the trouble if she does crap like this.

I angrily took my clothes out of the dryer and shoved them into my bag. On my way out I looked over at the happy couple one more time and just shook my head.

"Hey Der, brilliant Crystal and myself have figured out a way to get Shelly. All you need to do is make a fool out of yourself in front of the whole school. What girl wouldn't say yes to that?" My sister had a cheesy smile on her face while talking about her "brilliant" idea.

"Screw Michelle and your stupid idea, which by the way is an extremely bad idea. That's seriously the best you can come up with? But no matter, I'm not interested in her anymore, she's just another bitch."

"Ok so it wasn't that great of an idea, but you don't have to be all pissy about it. What's up with the attitude? And I'm going to ignore you calling my friend a bitch."

"Well then I'll have to say it again, she's a bitch. And so is that whore Chris. They can both screw each other for all I care."

"Whoa, harsh. What happened?"

"Why don't you go ask your friend? I'm going to my room, don't bother me."

I stomped up the stairs and slammed my door shut. Ok so what, I am a little more interested in her than I thought. I thought she was different than the other bitches out there. She seemed to have a good head on her shoulders and could definitely lash out words, yet there she was with my best friend, excuse me, ex best friend. I'll bet she's just with him to get to me. That's how girls work; get there where it hurts most, their pride and friends.

Michelle's POV

That talk with Chris got me thinking, maybe Derrick isn't all that bad. I still won't get with him, but I guess he can be nice sometimes. First aren't everything, but he's was pretty bad. I guess I should give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was just having a bad day like I was. I just can't believe how obnoxious he was, if he's always like that I just may have to put him in his place. I think once he gets his ego in check he might be an ok friend. It was amusing watching him get all worked up about Kathy's boyfriend. He does seem like the overprotective brother type, he can go for all the girls he wants, but once his little sister starts dating all hell will break loose. But I guess it was sweet of him to look out for her like that.

I walked to Albertson's to get some supplies for dinner. Mom always makes me do the grocery shopping since I get a discount. I keep telling her she can too but I think it's an excuse to make me do it. On my way to the check out, I picked up three loaves of bread. Once in a while Crystal and I like to go feed the ducks at the lake. No, we haven't grown up yet.

"Hey, we're feeding the ducks tomorrow." I said through the telephone.

"What, no hello Crystal dear friend, how are you. No, instead I get a command that I have to be stuck with you tomorrow."

"Exactly, glad you understand. Goodbye."

That's what I always loved about Crisco, short conversations. I didn't have to talk on the phone for hours or go through awkward silences. It's get to the point and hang up.

"Hey Tom, stuck with the weekend shift huh?" I said to the cashier. I worked with him sometimes, always there for a laugh or if you need someone to talk to.

"Yup, the evil dictator is making me make up for being sick last week. 'I'll count this as vacation if you don't make it up. Back in my day unless we were paralyzed, we went straight to work without another thought.'" Tom did his impression of Mr. Scooch, our boss.

I chuckled a little then left with my groceries. Once I got home I saw that Tom snuck in a kit kat bar, my favorite. That kid is going to get himself fired one day. Then we'll all go on strike, because I personally think we would've all quit by now if Tom wasn't there to lighten the mood.

Today was a good day, much much better than yesterday. It may have something to do with the fact that I didn't see a certain somebody all afternoon.

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