Just a drop of dew

Falling from my eye

Just a drop of dew

That seems to make me cry

I cry a single tear

For every day I've lived

I cry a single tear

For every day I've thrived.

To weep is to show weakness,

I've read in all the books.

But what if you can't hold any more?

Will you then be a schnook ?

I've bottled up my sadness,

Each and every ounce,

I've held my head up high,

I walk with a confident flounce.

So the years pass,

More than I can count

Not a single tear had fallen

Nothing more than a pout.

And yet as I sit here today

Tears leak down my face

Making my eyes all red

But the trails look like lace

Have I lost my control

Or have I just shed my mask?

If this was supposed to be a good thing

How come is seems more like a task?

schnook - Noun: (Yiddish) a gullible simpleton more to be pitied than despised.