Drunk Driver

A DUI, manslaughter charge, a heavy fine/ But they won't bring me back and they won't piece your heart together/ I'm still a poet on the road/ What can I say? What is there to say about the death of a fourteen year old?/ He was healthy fifty-two/ His wife had just died (She's really quite nice) and to rid away the pain he went for a game of pool/ He'd gotten a few drinks, was a bit tipsy/ And then headed home/ His headlights were on, I didn't see him, he didn't see me/ I was just a bump in the road/ He sped down and then went on/ And with his side told I'll tell mine/ I was walking home from a dear sweet friend's home who had lent me a comb/ I was just across the street/ I could hear my dog barking in the backyard/ I was so happy/ And then with an 'oomph' he ran into me, he ran over me and we were both gone/ I was, dead poet in the road.