Looking for You

I look for your hair, the top of your head looming above the rest of them all/ I wish I could say I was your girlfriend, but I can't, I'm nothing at all/ During the break is when I search for you most/ When I don't see you I head to the library/ And while I am there I wait for you for the corner of your eye to read this diary/ I'm wanting for your words/ For your voice to sound poetry to me/ And if not poetry maybe a song and if not that maybe anything at all/ I'm really hoping for something/ A catch of your eye, a blush to my lie, I wouldn't mind it at all/ If you can't tell by now, I'm crazy for you/ I'm really liking your hair and your grazing good eyes, they don't give me a fright/ I'm really crazy for you/ And if your not into me, that's cool/ I'm used to it/ It's life's fact.