"Damned Daughter"

Life tossed aside like nothing but impossible progenies,

Unleash your burden bitch, onto these shoulders please.

You threw away your flesh and blood,

She says that now she's free-

But I hate you now more than she could,

For what you've done to me.

Freedom bleeds a cost so great to pay,

You cunt, burned forever will be this day.

You hate her cause' she's got her own way,

At least she knows my love on this lonely day.

Envision your drea of teenage sex

The whore you wanted her to me,

I realize now the reason you're so pissed,

Is because your daughter's been fucking me.

Do you lie awake in bed at night,

Now knowing that she hates you?

Or are you blind, stupid and senile now,

Hiding from the truth.

Away from you, no debts to pay

I held her hands and heart away.

You spit your bullshit, whatever you say

Cause' you can touch us now, not after today

Is it rage or jealousy inside of you,

At least she found truth, love, instead of you.

At least she's not a slut like you,

Just remember the daughter that you threw