"I'll Fight For You"

Soft like the rustle of dried roses,

That frame where our hearts meet

I can see in those eyes that even she knows it,

Such a beautiful disaster to me.

Those pools of green, blue and brown

Crushed up rubies and amber for hair.

It surrounds my face as she carries me down,

And we smile both free of those cares.

And it hasn't been easy to get this far,

No my baby and me had to fight,

Cause holding onto her was like catching a star-

And all along, I just knew it was right.

There's never been a love more true

Than the one that I'm holding here for you

And I've gotta fight the world, we'll make it throgh

Cause' i'm living I'm loving, I'm fighting for you.

I can take the fall when the walls come down,

Stand strong in the midst of these fears.

I'll always dry your eyes,kiss away your pain

Be the eraser of the scars from those years.

And I'll all ever ask from you

The only thing that I need

Swear on this broken soul you'll always be true,

Please steady my hands when I need to bleed.

Just forgive me for myself now, love

Understand 6 years can do so damn much

But all it ever takes to stop it now

Is the love that lingers within your touch.

Just your smile kills al my hatred,

The light in your eyes takes away the shadows..

They can't try and tell me this isn't fate

Try to tear us apart, leave me bleeding,


What kind of person would I be,

To leave my angel fallen, hidden away

Fuck em' all for trying to shatter me!

Try to take my beauty, my smile

That Day..

So I'll tear their fucking lives to bits,

Set this goddamn world on fire.

All the anger hate and bigotted shit

My eyes blind in this one, true desire.

Just to hold you in my arms here again,

With these candles as out only witness.

And I'll steal you forever away from harm,

Never hide your eyes in fear of darkness.

There never was a love this true, girl

As the one in this heart that bleeds for you.

Forever and ever, you are my world-

I'll live, I love I smile for you-

I'll bleed, I'll die

I'll always fight for you.