If words could cover up your scars,

I'd never stop screaming "please".

If I could tear down all the stars,

Just to put this breathing at east.

So cold when it burned, I gave my jacket freely,

I can taste it in the back of my throat-

If you could understand what you fucking mean to me,

Would you go deaf when that bitch yelled "no"?

But why do you see so blindsided, dear?

Eyes so pale that they can't fuckin' understand?

Because I've seen and heard your rasping of fear,

Tried to clean the hatred off of your hands.

It's that whore that's doing this to you, why?

Can't you see through our eyes instead of the pain?

I'm sick of hating you for caring, and caring through lies

I'm sick of waiting for you to come back to the sane.

So don't tell me that you see it,

White flecking that face.

Snow's just another word for death,

I'l losing in this race.

Don't tell me that she loves you,

Cause sluts don't know that word.

And all there is now is ringtone,

Machine, your voice never being heard.

So I'll console myself with the knowledge

Of trying and failing this game.

Another branch snapped off my new bloodine,

Don't expect it to be the same.

Forgiveness comes so easily

To those that were never gone,

But maybe if you'd just turn back for me,

You'd tell me what went wrong.

I can't make it stop, won't go away

Hyperventilate 24 hours yesterday.

All those tears that I cried,

Choked down sobs, gagging back

And you're going back to peices,

I'm trying to bandage up the cracks.

And the little map of hatred

Sliced across your forearms

Back and forth we can't save shit now,

All those tears have fallen harm.

And that little bitch won't help you see

What we'd lose if you gave in and died

Why can't you understand, what it would be

Without that whore and her fucking lies?

So don't tell me that you know now,

Walking back with her away from us.

I question why I walked for you,

Begged for an anguished, hellbrought touch.

And for all the pain you've cost me,

It's been a million times worth the joy.

I just hope someday you'll understand me,

Go back to being that crazy, beautiful, dazed,

Lost in everything, spur of the moment

Male-equivalant, jack of all hearts,

Dying in her arms