"Summer Snow"

I reasessed my breathing,

Check these vital signs

Fall slow.

Falling flaming, blind and seeing

Death comes from summer snow.

I can't see this fucking truth now,

Loss is bleeding from my eyes-

Disaster falls with Summer Snow

I'm trying to be deaf to her cries.

I stand back and try to shift the pain to any life but this,

I fail to find a fucking solution to something just like this,

It's not my tears, mymothers sorrow, I just can't take this

I've watched it fall from life to death, fuck it

What kind of fate is this?

She watched sixteen years go down in nothing,

Ashes are all she has

This valley of tears, to grey and nothing

Tears are all she has-

I try to understand this life, but I'm polar to tradgedy

Chernobyl down on Winding Way,

Oxygen Never comes for free..

Oh Coal miner's daughter, pale canary bird,

I feel your alienated tears-

Maternal death can't ever live unheard,

Stranger, you lived out all my fears

Even taught to breathe no emotion

Hometown Rathers chocked on this,

Maybe now understand newsprint emotions,

Sixteen burned into hometown obits.

So I reassured this breathing,

Cling to all that lives within me.

Flamed and fallen, all that lives now screaming-

Please stay alienated from me

And I can't help but fucking hate now

Truth is told and burn marks always show,

I can't comprehend how to cry out to you,

But death falls now like this Summer Snow

Breathing Is Living is

Dying is Seeing is

Losing is Giving is

Crying is Being is